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About the Emergency Care Coordination Center

​​​​​​The Emergency Care Coordination Center (ECCC) is the policy home for the emergency care community within the federal government. The ECCC seeks to strengthen the day to day emergency care system so that the nation is better prepared in times of crisis. The ECCC focuses federal efforts on improvements to the delivery of daily emergency care that are the foundation of response to disasters and public health emergencies and is an essential part of Office of Policy and Planning, and the Division of Healthcare System Policy.


To lead the United States Government’s efforts to create an emergency care system that is patient- and community-centered; integrated into the broader healthcare system; high quality; and prepared to respond in times of public health emergencies.

ECCC Priorities

As described in the 2014 ASPR Strategic Plan, ECCC focuses on a series of proposed activites related to its four primary mission areas.

  • Domain 1: Patient- and community- centered emergency care
  • Domain 2: Integration of emergency care into the broader healthcare systems
  • Domain 3: Delivery of high quality emergency care
  • Domain 4: Prepared to respond in times of public health emergencies

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    About the ECCC Website

    The ECCC Website is managed by the Emergency Care Coordination Center within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.