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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

National Health Security Strategy

The National Health Security Strategy (NHSS) is the Nation’s comprehensive strategy focused on protecting people’s health in case of an emergency. The NHSS is a national — not a federal — strategy. It is designed to focus the efforts and unique strengths of the Nation’s communities, including individuals and their families; private industry; nongovernmental organizations and academic and research sectors; and local, state, territorial, tribal, and federal governments, to implement efforts to prevent, protect against, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from incidents with potentially negative health consequences.

Formulating the National Health Security Strategy
The NHSS provides strategic direction for the coordination of the Nation’s health security system. It describes two broad goals and ten strategic objectives to guide progress during the four-year period covered by the strategy.

Hands working together Implementing the National Health Security Strategy
The NHSS Implementation Plan (IP) describes the outcomes that the Nation hopes to achieve and outlines implementation activities to inform planning for local, state, territorial, tribal, and federal governments; as well as individuals and communities including non-governmental organizations; private industry; and academic and research sectors.
Artistic representation of data and charts Evaluating Progress Towards National Health Security
The Evaluation of Progress (EOP) will be released in December 2014. It will report on progress made toward achieving national health security. The EOP will serve as a status update to let Congress and the American people know what progress has been made – and what gaps remain – in the Nation’s public health and healthcare preparedness efforts.
People talking Frequently Asked Questions
These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to provide a better understanding of the NHSS and health security. They provide insight into the goals, planning, strategic objectives, implementation and evaluation of the NHSS and its IP.
Library ​Resource Library
The NHSS Resource Library contains information on strategies, reports, laws, tools, factsheets and trainings that relate to the NHSS. These resources provide additional information on the major thematic areas of the NHSS and other information related to health security.

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