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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Preparedness News Releases

March 24, 2020: HHS Provides $100 Million to Help U.S. Healthcare Systems Prepare For COVID-19 Patients
March 22, 2020: HHS, DoD collaborate with Cepheid on rapid diagnostics to detect coronavirus infections
March 21, 2020: HHS Funds Phase 2/3 Clinical Trial for Potential Treatment for COVID-19
March 18: HHS Supports Mesa Biotech to Develop a Rapid Diagnostic to Detect Novel Coronavirus Infections
March 13, 2020: Secretary Azar Designates Admiral Giroir to Coordinate COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Efforts
March 13, 2020: HHS funds development of COVID-19 diagnostic tests
March 9, 2020: HHS Supports Development of First High-Throughput COVID-19 Diagnostic Test
March 6, 2020: HHS Solicits Proposals for Development of Medical Products for Novel Coronavirus
March 4, 2020: HHS to Procure N95 Respirators to Support Healthcare Workers in COVID-19 Outbreaks
February 22, 2020: BARDA Leverages Strong Public-Private Partnerships to Spur a Rapid Response to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
February 18, 2020: HHS Engages Sanofi’s Recombinant Technology for 2019 Novel Coronavirus Vaccine
February 18, 2020: HHS, Janssen Collaborate To Develop Coronavirus Therapeutics
February 14, 2019: Largest study of sepsis cases in the U.S. finds significantly greater burden than previously known
February 11, 2020: HHS, Janssen Join Forces On Coronavirus Vaccine
February 5, 2020: HHS Seeks Abstract Submissions for 2019-nCoV Diagnostics Development
February 4, 2020: HHS, Regeneron Collaborate to Develop 2019-nCoV Treatment
January 31, 2020: Secretary Azar Declares Public Health Emergency for United States for 2019 Novel Coronavirus
December 18, 2019: HHS Supports Advanced Development for Treatment of Anthrax Lung Infections
December 9, 2019: HHS Invests in Modernizing U.S. Manufacturing Capacity for Pandemic Influenza Vaccine
November 14, 2019: HHS Advances Development of Tests to Distinguish Bacterial from Viral Infections across Multiple Healthcare Settings
October 30, 2019: HHS to advance development of Cytovale rapid sepsis diagnostic
October 29, 2019: HHS joins forces on machine-learning algorithm to identify Sepsis
October 10, 2019: FDA allows marketing of first rapid diagnostic test for detecting Ebola virus antigens
October 1, 2019: HHS Funds Development of Two Filovirus Vaccines for Biodefense, Public Health
September 30, 2019: HHS advances novel technology to meet need for blood platelets in a nuclear disaster
September 30, 2019: HHS Awards $6 million to Create Pediatric Disaster Care Centers of Excellence
September 26, 2019: HHS spurs development of smallpox therapeutic to enhance health security
September 24, 2019: A Newly FDA-Licensed Vaccine for the Prevention of Smallpox and Monkeypox Marks a Major Milestone in Domestic and Global Health Security
September 20, 2019: HHS Provides Expertise, $14 Million to Advance Development of Investigational Ebola Treatment
September 16, 2019: HHS expands network of innovation accelerators to transform U.S. health security
September 3, 2019: HHS Purchases Smallpox Vaccine to Enhance Biodefense Preparedness
September 3, 2019: OCR Issues Guidance to Help Ensure Equal Access to Emergency Services and the Appropriate Sharing of Medical Information during Hurricane Dorian
September 2, 2019: HHS Secretary Azar Declares Public Health Emergencies for States of Georgia and South Carolina Due to Hurricane Dorian
August 30, 2019: HHS Secretary Azar Declares Public Health Emergency for State of Florida Due to Hurricane Dorian
August 28, 2019: HHS Secretary Azar Declares Public Health Emergency for Puerto Rico Due to Hurricane Dorian
August 21, 2019: HHS Funds an Additional Year of Ebola Vaccine Manufacturing
July 22, 2019: First medical product cleared in U.S. for use on certain injuries caused by sulfur mustard
July 22, 2019: HHS, DoD, VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals to co-develop novel antibiotic to treat drug-resistant infections
July 18, 2019: HHS sponsors development of portable, user-friendly burn imaging device
June 25, 2019: New law strengthens U.S. efforts to prepare, respond and recover from disasters
May 29, 2019: HHS Seeks to Expand its Network Innovation Accelerators into More States
March 5, 2019: HHS’ BARDA funds its first Marburg virus vaccine development
February 21, 2019: New HHS-Sponsored Research Provides New Tool and Updated Guidance on Mass Chemical Decontamination
December 28, 2018: HHS, in Partnership with Industry, Releases Voluntary Cybersecurity Practices for the Health Industry
October 10, 2018: HHS expands corporate partnership to protect against health security threats
October 2, 2018: HHS seeks to repurpose burn dressings for radiation emergencies
October 1, 2018: HHS, Genentech join forces on medicines to combat influenza, other health security threats
September 27, 2018: HHS Selects Pilot Projects to Demonstrate Better Approach to Disaster Medical Care
September 25, 2018: HHS sponsors new formulation of world’s first approved smallpox drug
September 25, 2018: HHS partners to develop faster tests to identify bacterial infections
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  • This page last reviewed: May 08, 2019