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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

PHEMCE-Wide Findings

In coordination with its interagency partners, the PHEMCE’s investments and accomplishments are the result of the actions of all member agencies. This section provides an overview of spending across NIH, ASPR, and FDA, and describes accomplishments and projections over the course of the five-year period. Congress does not appropriate funding directly to the PHEMCE, but the PHEMCE, led by ASPR, helps to coordinate those appropriations to achieve the PHEMCE's goals and objectives.


In total, the four HHS Divisions spent $4.4 billion on MCMs and MCM-related activities in FY 2018. Estimated spending across the HHS enterprise is delineated in Table 2. The Appendix A – Spend Plan Tables provide additional detail. PHEMCE investments for the five-year period total $28.8 billion, a $4.0 billion or 14 percent increase compared with the projections in the FYs 2017–2021 report.


Table 2. Estimated Total PHEMCE Spending by HHS Division and Fiscal Year (dollars in millions)

Division FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 Total Change
Over FY's
ASPR BARDA​$1,514​$1,653​$1,698​$4,217​$3,671​$12,753$​2,778
ASPR SNS​$610​$610​$620​$1,081​$1,657​$4,578​$803
Total​$4,436 $4,733​ ​$4,483 ​$7,535 ​$7,626 ​$28,813 ​$3,985


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  • This page last reviewed: January 29, 2020