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National Preparedness Month 2013

National Preparedness Month is a great time to think about ways that you can prepare to stay safe and help others during a disaster or emergency.  Whether it's by taking a First Aid and CPR class, joining a service organization or just putting preparedness apps on your phone so that you are prepared to make better decisions in a disaster, there are lots of things that you can do now to help yourself, your loved ones and your community stay safe when disaster strikes.

Emergency Sign

National Preparedness Month:  A Statement by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

This September marks the tenth anniversary of National Preparedness Month. Over the past decade, we have learned a tremendous amount about the impact of disasters on physical and mental health.  Learn More >>
Person giving chest compressions to a CPR dummy

​Be a Bystander who doesn't Stand By

When an emergency happens, whether it is a major disaster or smaller local incident, bystanders are the first people on the scene and their actions can help protect and save lives. Learn how can you can do to be a bystander who doesn’t stand by.  Learn More >>
Hand with phone and preparedness app icons

Put Preparedness Apps in the Palm of your Hand

When a disaster strikes, your phone may be the best tool you have to stay informed and contact loved ones.  Be preparede with apps that can help you learn to identify and respond threats in your area, learn first aid, store your prescription information and more. Learn More>>
Family members looking at a map.

Get a Kit.  Make a Plan.  Be Informed.

Have you and your family come up with a plan that will help you stay safe and stay connected in an emergency?  If so, that's great - take a few minutes now to update your plan.  If not, find out what you can do to keep everybody yourself, your family and even members of your community safe.  Learn More >>

Seal of the National Preparedness Community.  COnnect.  Collaborate.  Educate.  Empower.

Join the National Preparedness Community

Interested in preparedness, but not sure how to get started?  Join the National Preparedness Community and connect, collaborate and empower yourself and others to prepare.  As a community member, you'll. have access to resources, communities of practice, national forums and more.   Learn More >>
First Responders

Join the Health Response

There are many ways that we can serve our country and one another.  Health professionals provide lifesaving care and comfort when it was needed most.  Take a few minutes to learn how you can join a team and make a difference when your skills and your care are needed most.  Learn More >>

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  • This page last reviewed: January 12, 2018