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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Evaluation Branch (EVAL)

Office of Strategy, Policy, Planning, and Requirements

Informed by the need to strengthen ASPR’s ability to build evaluation capacity, enhance performance, and improve effectiveness, EVAL emphasizes a rigorous, evidence-based, outcome driven approach to healthcare preparedness and response. EVAL reflects a committed approach to the analysis and measurement of healthcare preparedness that helps ASPR ensure the nation is prepared for disasters.

To execute this approach, EVAL:

  • Promotes the use of program evaluation methodologies to support ASPR organizational goals in accordance with defined performance measures.

  • Provides sound strategies, techniques, and methods to support organizational integration of program evaluation and organizational learning including but not limited to evaluative studies and performance measurement.

  • Produces relevant and timely data collection, reporting and sharing of outputs, outcomes, and impact for decision making.

  • Provides links to promising practices, training resources and other materials directed toward helping states learn more about healthcare systems preparedness and evaluation.

How EVAL Can Help

  • Conduct evaluative studies: EVAL can conduct evaluative studies for ASPR entities so they understand internal or external issues affecting their programs, identify opportunities for change, and increase effectiveness and/or efficiency.

  • Strengthen evaluation capabilities: EVAL can support offices, divisions, and branches to design performance measures, guide data collection, and improve analytical capabilities.

  • Creating learning agendas: EVAL can work with offices, divisions, and branches to define data and evaluation needs and establish learning agendas that guide program planning, identify data needs, and harness existing information reporting requirements.

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For questions or comments about EVAL resources or to learn more, please contact us at (Please note: SHARPER is the former name of the EVAL program.)

Division of Strategy, Policy, Planning, and Requirements

  • This page last reviewed: April 30, 2021