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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Framework for the NHSS

The NHSS is designed to achieve two goals: 
  • Build community resilience
  • Strengthen and sustain health and emergency response systems

These goals are supported by 10 strategic objectives, which address areas that require urgent, focused attention and improvement by society.  The strategic objectives describe what must be accomplished to address current gaps in national health security over the next four years and to sustain improvements in health security over the longer term.

Figure 1:  Framework for the National Health Security Strategy (NHSS).   This figure is a flowchart with three levels:  Goals (top), Strategic Objectives (middle), and Operational Capabilities (bottom).  The chart flows from bottom to top. The Goals of the NHSS are to 1) build community resillience; and 2) strengthen and sustain health and emergency response systems.  There are 10 Strategic Objectives:  1) Informed and empowered individuals and communities; 2) National health security workforce; 3) Integrated, scalable health care delivery systems; 4) Situational awareness; 5) Timely and effective communications; 6) Effective countermeasures enterprise; 7) Prevention/mitigation of environmental, other health threats; 8) Post-incident health recovery in planning and response; 9) Cross-border and global partnerships; 10) Science, evaluation, and quality improvement.

  • This page last reviewed: May 14, 2013