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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About the Hospital Preparedness Program

ASPR’s Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) provides leadership and funding through cooperative agreements to states, territories, and eligible municipalities to improve the capacity of the health care system to plan for and respond to large-scale emergencies and disasters.

HPP supports regional collaboration and health care preparedness and response by encouraging the development and sustainment of health care coalitions (HCCs). These coalitions incentivize often competitive health care organizations with differing priorities and objectives to work together to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of threats and emergencies. HPP funding also supports trainings and exercises that prepare HCC members to handle real emergencies. For examples of how HCCs save lives in their communities, check out about HPP in Action.

As the only source of federal funding for health care system readiness, HPP improves patient outcomes, minimizes the need for federal and supplemental state resources during large-scale emergencies, and enables rapid recovery.

In addition to providing funding for health care preparedness and response, HPP offers guidance and technical assistance —through ASPR TRACIE and regionally based field project officers—to help HCCs and their members achieve the 2017 – 2022 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities. When achieved, these capabilities represent the ideal state of readiness for the country’s health care system. As the nation faces new and emerging threats, HPP will continue to provide essential leadership in health care preparedness and response.

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  • This page last reviewed: May 29, 2018