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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HPP In Your State

Across the country, more than 31,000 health care coalition members work to protect the health and lives of Americans when disaster strikes.  Health care coalitions (HCCs) are groups of individual healthcare and response organizations – such as hospitals, EMS providers, emergency management organizations, public health agencies, and more – working in a defined geographic location to prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies.

HCCs collaborate to ensure each member has what it needs to respond to emergencies and planned events, including medical equipment and supplies, real-time information, communication systems, and educated and trained health care personnel.

A United States map groups the states into 10 regions to highlight the Healthcare Coalitions available.

To find an HCC in your area, check out the interactive Health Care Coalitions Map or use the map of the regions to find your state in the list below.

Region 1: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont


HPP Awardee: Connecticut State Department of Health, William Gerrish

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region 1 Healthcare Organization Coalition

John Pelazza

Region 2 Healthcare Organization Coalition

James Paturas

Region 3 Healthcare Organization Coalition

Bob Falaguerra

Region 4 Healthcare Organization Coalition

Patrick Turek

Region 5 Healthcare Organization Coalition

Mark Casey


HPP Awardee: Maine Department of Health and Human Services, William Jenkins

Coalition Contact Person Email

Central Maine Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Kara Walker

Northeastern Maine Regional Resource Center

Kathy Knight

Southern Maine Regional Resource Center

Paul Weiss


HPP Awardee: Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Kerin Milesky

Coalition Contact Person Email

Boston Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Alison Randall

Region 1 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition

Tracy Rogers

Region 2 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition

Alissa Errede

Region 3 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition

Mark Munroe

Region 4 Metro Regional Preparedness Coalition

Jendy Dunlop

Region 5 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition

Brian Gallant

New Hampshire

HPP Awardee: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Denise Krol

Coalition Contact Person Email

Capital Area Public Health Network

Stacey Elliott

Carroll County Public Health Network

Jeff Jones

Central NH Public Health Network

Angel Ekstrom

Greater Manchester Public Health Network

Phillip Alexakos

Greater Monadnock Public Health Network

Christopher Goshea

Greater Nashua Public Health Network

Chelsea St. George

Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network

Kirsten Vigneault

North Country Public Health Network

Jennifer Frenette

Seacoast Public Health Network

Mary Cook

South Central Public Health Network

Colleen Monks

Strafford County Public Health Network

Mary Ellen Gourdeau

Upper Valley Public Health Network

Steve Yannuzzi

Winnipesaukee Public Health Network

Susan Laverack

Rhode Island

HPP Awardee: Rhode Island Department of Health, Alysia Mihalakos

Coalition Contact Person Email

The Healthcare Coalition Of Rhode Island

Joseph Reppucci


HPP Awardee: Vermont Department of Health, Chris Bell

Coalition Contact Person Email

Vermont Hospital Emergency Preparedness Coalition

Laura Werner

Region 2: New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

New Jersey

HPP Awardee: State of New Jersey Department of Health, Dana Johnson

Coalition Contact Person Email

New Jersey South Region

Dana Johnson

New Jersey NE Region

Dana Johnson

New Jersey CW Region

Dana Johnson

New Jersey CE Region

Dana Johnson

New Jersey NW Region

Dana Johnson

New York

HPP Awardee: Health Research, Inc./New York State Department of Health, Mike Priemau

Coalition Contact Person Email

Capital District Regional Office

Daniel Geraghty

Central New York Regional Office

Meagan Kash

Metropolitan Area Regional Office

Fayola Creft

New York City Health Care Coalition

Dohmh - William Lang

Western Regional Office

Ralph Van Houten

New York City

HPP Awardee: Public Health Solutions/New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Prachee Patel

Coalition Contact Person Email

New York City Health Care Coalition

Dohmh - William Lang


Puerto Rico

HPP Awardee: Puerto Rico Department of Health, Jessica Cabrera

Coalition Contact Person Email

Arecibo HCC

Claudia De Feria

Bayamon HCC

Hecter Colon

Caguas HCC

Vanessa Moreno

Fajardo HCC

David Santos

Aguadilla / Mayaguez HCC

Ada Santiago

Metro HCC

Nilda Cruz

Ponce HCC

Julia Lisa Melendez

Virgin Islands

HPP Awardee: United States Virgin Islands Department of Health, Francine Lang

Coalition Contact Person Email

HPP Health Care Coalition

Francine Lang

Region 3: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia


HPP Awardee: Delaware Health and Social Services, Jillian Austin

Coalition Contact Person Email

Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Diane Hainsworth

District of Columbia

HPP Awardee: District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance, Aisha Williams

Coalition Contact Person Email

DC Health and Medical Coalition

Aisha Williams


HPP Awardee: Maryland Department of Health, L. Kay Webster

Coalition Contact Person Email

Delmarva Regional Healthcare Mutual Aid Group

Michelle Lloyd

Regions 1 and 2 Health Care Council

Alison Robinson

Region 3 Health and Medical Coalition

Christina Hughes

Region 5 Emergency Preparedness Coalition

Richard Goddard


HPP Awardee: Pennsylvania Department of Health, Jacqueline Turk

Coalition Contact Person Email

East Central Coalition

Chris Chamberlain

North Central Coalition

Stanley Hudson

North East Coalition

Ryan Hay

North West Central Coalition

Wayne Steele

North West Coalition

Matthew Linse

South Central Coalition

Christopher Kritchen

South Central Mountain Coalition

Beth Brown

South East Coalition

John Wierzbowski

South West Coalition

Tom Mangan


HPP Awardee: Virginia Department of Health, Patrick Ashley

Coalition Contact Person Email

Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition

Gray Corbett

Eastern Region Healthcare Preparedness Coordinating Group

Glenn McBride

Far Southwest Region Healthcare Preparedness Coordinating Group

Dan Gray

Near Southwest Region Healthcare Preparedness Coordinating Group

Craig Camidge

Northern Virginia Hospital Alliance

Sue Snider

Northwest Region Healthcare Preparedness Coordinating Group

Ron Clinedinst

West Virginia

HPP Awardee: West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources, Carolyn Elswick

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region 1 WV Hospital
Association Region

Mark Mustard

Region 2 WV Hospital
Association Region

Rex Troy

Region 3/4 WV Hospital
Association Region

Lillian Morris

Region 5 WV Hospital
Association Region

Bill Ellis

Region 6/7 WV Hospital
Association Region

Hollis Lipscomb

Region 8/9 WV Hospital
Association Region

Diana Reel

Region 10/11 WV Hospital Association Region

Brad Simms

Region 4: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee


HPP Awardee: Alabama Department of Public Health, Ann Brantley

Coalition Contact Person Email

Public Health Area 1 Healthcare Coalition

Myra Jeffries

Public Health Area 2 Healthcare Coalition

Candece Adkins

Public Health Area 3 Healthcare Coalition

Glen Davis

Public Health Area 4 Healthcare Coalition

Julie Cobb

Public Health Area 5 Healthcare Coalition

Coretta Grant

Public Health Area 6 Healthcare Coalition

Coretta Grant

Public Health Area 7 Healthcare Coalition

Barbara Etheridge

Public Health Area 8 Healthcare Coalition

Ernie Bagget

Public Health Area 9 Healthcare Coalition

Teresa Porter

Public Health Area 10 Healthcare Coalition

Peggy Hagler

Public Health Area 11 Healthcare Coalition

Erin Coker


HPP Awardee: Florida Department of Health, Brandy Kirkland

Coalition Contact Person Email

Big Bend Healthcare Coalition

Holly Kirsch

Broward County Healthcare Coalition

Kelly Keys-Torres

Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition

Lynne Drawdy

Coalition of Health And Medical Preparedness

Mike Alsup

Emerald Coast Healthcare Coalition

Ann Hill

Herc-Palm Beach County

John James

Keys Health Ready Coalition

Cyna Wright

Miami-Dade County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Marilia Van Keeken

North Central Florida Health Care Coalition

Robert Linnens

Northeast Florida Healthcare Coalition

Leigh Wilsey

Southwest Florida Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Connie Bowles

Tampa Bay Health And Medical Preparedness Coalition

Dan Simpson


HPP Awardee: Georgia Department of Public Health, Kelly Nadeau

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region A

Jerry Tatum

Region B

Matthew Crumpton

Region C

Kenna Baker

Region D

Lori Wood

Region E

Phillip Carpenter

Region F

Steve Ramsey

Region G

Joe Webber

Region H

Albert Doyle

Region I

Terry Parish

Region J

Jimmy Gordon

Region K

Gary Rice

Region L

Travis Arrington

Region M

Tony Walsh

Region N

Jennifer Davis


HPP Awardee: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Jasie Logsdon

Coalition Contact Person Email

Healthcare Emergency Area 4 Response Team (Heart)

Janarae Conway

Healthcare Emergency Response Association (Hera) Region 6

Amanda Hunter

Region 1 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Thomas Hales

Region 2 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Raymond Giannini

Region 3 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Jeff Rascoe

Region 5 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Fred Singleton

Region 7 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Jessica McElroy

Region 8 Emergency Preparedness Group

Jacquelyn P. Campbell

Region 10 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Gina Porter

Region 12 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Cory Waddell

Region 13 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Lonnie T. Saylor

Region 14 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Amy Tomlinson

Region 15 Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Dan Satterfield


HPP Awardee: Mississippi State Department of Health, Wayne Vaughn

Coalition Contact Person Email

Mississippi Esf-8 Healthcare Coalition

Wes Holsapple

North Carolina

HPP Awardee: North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Peggy Handon

Coalition Contact Person Email

Caprac Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Janis Brown

Duke Healthcare Preparedness Coalition


Eastern Healthcare Preparedness  Coalition

Chris Starbuck

Metrolina Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Hannah Gompers*

Mid Carolina Regional Healthcare Coalition

Randy Hoffman

Mountain Area Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Mark Stepp

Southeastern Healthcare Preparedness Region

Hans Edwards

Triad Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Corey D. Roberts

South Carolina

HPP Awardee: South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Ernie Moore

Coalition Contact Person Email

South Carolina Upstate Region Healthcare Coalition

Warren Edwards

South Carolina Midlands Region Healthcare Coalition

Karen Hutto

South Carolina Lowcountry Region Healthcare Coalition

Raymond Barteet

South Carolina Pee Dee Coastal Healthcare Coalition

Mark Hendrix


HPP Awardee: Tennessee Department of Health, Robert Newsad

Coalition Contact Person Email

Knox/East Tennessee Healthcare Coalition

Charity Menefee

Mid South Healthcare Coalition

Stephen Tomajczyk

Northeast/Sullivan Healthcare Coalition

Chad Bruckman

South Central Region Healthcare Coalition

Christina Knowles

Southeast Regional Healthcare Coalition

Virginia Wolverton

Tennessee Highland Rim Healthcare Coalition

James Tabor

Upper Cumberland Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Kristi Langford

Watch 7 Healthcare Coalition

Trent Harris

Region 5: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin


HPP Awardee: Chicago Department of Public Health, Elisabeth Weber

Coalition Contact Person Email

Chicago Healthcare Coalition for Preparedness and Response

Elisabeth Weber


HPP Awardee: Illinois Department of Public Health, Kim Stumpf

Coalition Contact Person Email

Champaign Regional Healthcare Coalition

Anita Guffey

Edwardsville Region Health Care Coalition

Phillip Pugh

Northwest Illinois Preparedness and Response Coalition

Stephanie Kuschel

Peoria Region Health Care Coalition

Troy Erbentraut

Region 7 Health Care Coalition

Sue Hecht

Region 8 Coalition For Preparedness and Response

Paul Banks

Region 9 Medical Disaster Preparedness and Response Coalition

Steve Baron

Region 10 Disaster Healthcare Coalition

Martha Pettineo

Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition

Terry Fulk

Springfield Region Public Health and Medical Emergency Response Region

Tamara Leone


HPP Awardee: Indiana State Department of Health, Megan Lytle

Coalition Contact Person Email

District 1

Gary McKay

District 2

David R McGuire

District 3

Tim Davies

District 4

Phil Prescott

District 5

Ron Reitenour

District 6

William Gossett

District 7

Steve Walters

District 8

Michael J. Hutchins

District 9

Shane Williams

District 10

Keith Kahre


HPP Awardee: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Linda Scott

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region 2 North Healthcare Coalition

Rick Drummer

Region 2 South Healthcare Coalition

Amy Shehu

Region 3 Healthcare Coalition

Robert Kelly

Region 5 Healthcare Coalition

Dena L. Smith

Region 6 Healthcare Coalition

Michael Gregg

Region 7 Healthcare Coalition

Kal Attie

Region 8 Healthcare Coalition

Jonathan Stone


HPP Awardee: Minnesota Department of Health, Judy Seaberg

Coalition Contact Person Email

Central Minnesota Healthcare System Preparedness Program

Don Sheldrew


Mark Lappe

Northeast Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Jo Thompson

Northwest Health Service Coalition

Amy Card

South East Minnesota

Byron Callies

Southwest Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Ann Jenson

West Central Minnesota Healthcare System Preparedness Program

Shawn Stoen


HPP Awardee: Ohio Department of Health, Viola Webber

Coalition Contact Person Email

Central Ohio Healthcare Coalition

Jodie Keller

Disaster Preparedness Committee

Tonda Francis

Domestic Preparedness Committee

Tim Kernan

Metropolitan Medical Response Committee

Beth Gatlin

Northeast Central Ohio Regional Steering Committee

Sarah Metzger

Northwest Ohio Healthcare Emergency Management Coalition

Kathy Silvestri


Southeast Ohio Hospital Disaster Preparedness Committee

Rhonda Major-Mack


HPP Awardee: Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Michelle Seitz

Coalition Contact Person Email

Wisconsin Region 1 Coalition

Aimee Wollman-Nesseth

Wisconsin Region 2 Coalition

Christina Kalata

Wisconsin Region 3 Coalition

Dave Seebart

Wisconsin Region 4 Coalition

Bob Ritger

Wisconsin Region 5 Coalition

Jennifer Behnke

Wisconsin Region 6 Coalition

Tracey Froiland

Wisconsin Region 7 Coalition

Evan Corbeil

Region 6: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas


HPP Awardee: Arkansas Department of Health, Philip (Steve) Whisnant

Coalition Contact Person Email

AR Valley Region

Keith Brown

Metro Region

Alan Forrest

North Central Region

Sheila Crymes

Northeast Region

Brian Mattes

Northwest Region

Drew Wood

Southeast Region

Phillip Gilmore

Southwest Region

Donna Jeffus


HPP Awardee: Louisiana Department of Health, Rosanne Prats

Coalition Contact Person Email

LA ESF-8 Health and Medical

Rosanne Prats

Region 1 ESF-8  Partnership

Cindy Davidson

Region 2 ESF-8  Partnership

Rick Boyer

Region 3 ESF-8  Partnership

Kim Beetz

Region 4 ESF-8  Partnership

Donald Simon

Region 5 ESF-8  Partnership

Liz Harmon

Region 6 ESF-8  Partnership

Mary Tarver

Region 7 ESF-8 Partnership

Knox Andress

Region 8 ESF-8  Partnership

Mike Brame

Region 9 ESF-8  Partnership

Keith Peek

New Mexico

HPP Awardee: New Mexico Department of Health, Sheran Kaplan-Hicks

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region 1 - Northern New Mexico Healthcare Coalition

Dante Halleck

Region 2 - Southern New Mexico Healthcare Coalition

Daniel Pattarozzi

Region 3 - Eastern New Mexico Healthcare Coalition

John Bridges


HPP Awardee: Oklahoma State Department of Health, Scott Sproat

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region 1 - Regional Medical Planning Group

Bill Presley

Region 2 - Regional Medical Planning Group

Rick Garner

Region 3 - Regional Medical Planning Group

Bob Stewart

Region 4 - Regional Medical Planning Group

Tamah League

Region 5 - Regional Medical Planning Group

Kari Beggs

Region 6/8 - Regional Medical Planning Group

Mike Murphy

Region 7 - Regional Medical Planning Group

Johna Easley


HPP Awardee: Texas Department of State Health Services, Keri Cain

Coalition Contact Person Email

Big Country Regional Advisory Council

Terry Stagg

Brazos Valley Regional Advisory Council

Christine Reeves

Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council

Dave Reimer

Central Texas Regional Advisory Council

Christine Reeves

Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council

Hilary Watt

Concho Valley Regional Advisory Council

Danny Updike

Deep East Texas Regional Advisory Council

Lori Upton

East Texas Gulf Coast Regional Advisory Council

Lori Upton

Border Regional Advisory Council

Wanda Helgesen

Golden Crescent Regional Advisory Council

Eric Epley

Heart Of Texas Regional Advisory Council

Curtis McDonald

Hospital Preparedness Council of North Texas

Terry Stagg

Seven Flags Regional Advisory Council

Dr. Waldo Lopez

Lower Rio Grande Valley Regional Advisory Council

Esmeralda Guajardo

Trauma Service Area – B Regional Advisory Council

Derek Vaughan

Texas J Regional Advisory Council

Wanda Helgesen

North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council

Rick Antonisse

Northeast Texas Regional Advisory Council

Russell Thrasher

Panhandle Regional Advisory Council

Derek Vaughan

Piney Woods Regional Advisory Council

Loretta Kuhn

Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council

Lori Upton

Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council

Eric Epley

Region 7: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska


HPP Awardee: Iowa Department of Public Health, Brent Spear

Coalition Contact Person Email

Adams County Healthcare Coalition

Joan Gallagher

Allamakee County Healthcare Coalition

Tanya Schnuelle

Butler, Franklin, Floyd Health Care Preparedness Coalition

Jennifer Becker

Calhoun County Healthcare Coalition

Cindy Carstens

Carroll County Preparedness Coalition

Sara Anderson

Cass County Healthcare Coalition

Beth Olsen


Mark Addy

Cedar Valley Health Care Coalition

Eileen R Daley

Central Iowa Coordinated Response Coalition

Lynn Royer

Cherokee County Coalition

Sara Wester

Clarke County Healthcare Coalition

Zach Woods

Clay County Health Care Coalition

Jeff Messerole

Clayton County Healthcare Coalition

Nancy Yelden

Corner 3 Coalition

Samantha Beeson

Crawford County Healthcare and Preparedness Coalition

Christie Matthies

Decatur County Healthcare Coalition

Shelley Bickel

Delaware County Emergency Preparedness Coalition

Delma Hardin

Des Moines County Health Care Coalition

Christa Poggemiller

Dickinson County Healthcare Coalition

Mike Ehret

Dubuque County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Patrice Lambert

East Central Preparedness Coalition

Tricia Kitzmann

Emmet County First Responders Coalition

Kathy Preston, Rn

Gateway Area Healthcare Coalition

Michele Cullen

Greene County Healthcare Coalition

Rebecca Wolf, Rn

Health Emergency Coalition Of Buchanan County

Tai Burkhart

Henry County Healthcare Coalition

Shelley Van Dorin

Howard County Health Care Coalition

Brady Norman

Humboldt County Coalition

Michelle Hankins

Ida County Healthcare Coalition

Jared Johnson

Jackson County Coalition

Sarah Hobbs

Jasper County Emergency Response Coalition

Jim Sparks

Jones Linn Healthcare Coalition

Julie Stephens

Kept (Kossuth Emergency Planning Team) Healthcare Coalition

Rhonda Sexton, Rn, Bsn Charissa Mueller, Rn

Lee County Health Care Coalition

Steve Cirinna

Loess Hills Healthcare Coalition

Sheri Bowen

Lucas County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Mark McCurdy

Lyon County Emergency Health Care Coalition

Melissa Stillson

Mahaska County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Andrea Hagist

Marion County Emergency Response Coalition

Teresa Higginbotham

Meskwaki, Marshall, Poweshiek and Tama Counties Healthcare Coalition

Kristy Reedy

Muscatine County Health Care Preparedness Coalition

Patsy Willits

Obrien County Healthcare Coalition

Lisa Youngers

Osceola County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Ben Davis

Plymouth County Healthcare Coalition

Lavonne Galles

Pocahontas County Healthcare Coalition

Sherri Richardson
Diane Ferguson

Preparedness Advisory Group

Kristin Schmidt

Scott County Healthcare Coalition

David Kelly

Shelby County Emergency Planning and Preparedness Coalition

Lori Hoch
Catherine Buman

Sioux County Emergency Preparedness Coalition

Deb Vanderplas

Union County Healthcare Coalition

Robin Sevier

Wapello County Healthcare Coalition

Lynelle Diers

Washington County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Danielle Pettit-Majewski

Wayne County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Josh Hysell

Webster County Healthcare Coalition

Kari Prescott

Winneshiek Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition

Nancy Sacquitne

Woodbury County Preparedness Healthcare Coalition

Tyler Brock

Wright County Healthcare Preparedness and Response Coalition

Kathy Nicholls


HPP Awardee: Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Catherine Byrd

Coalition Contact Person Email

Kansas City, KS Healthcare Coalition

Steve Hoeger

North Central Kansas Healthcare Coalition

Sue Cooper

Northeast Kansas Healthcare Coalition

Danielle Marten

Northwest Kansas Healthcare Coalition

Tami Wood

South Central Kansas Healthcare Coalition

Charlie Keeton

Southeast Kansas Healthcare Coalition

Fred Rinne

Southwest Kansas Healthcare Coalition

Karen Luckett


HPP Awardee: Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, Paula Nickelson

Coalition Contact Person Email

Southeast Healthcare Coalition

Jackie Gatz

Southwest Healthcare Coalition

Jackie Gatz


HPP Awardee: Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services, Justin Watson

Coalition Contact Person Email

Lincoln Metropolitan Medical Response System

Randy Fischer

Nebraska Plains Healthcare Coalition

Justin Watson

Omaha Metropolitan Medical Response System

Phyllis Dutton

Panhandle Region Medical Response System

Melody Leisy

Rural Region One Medical Response System

Dennis Colsden

Southeast Nebraska Healthcare Coalition

Grant Brueggemann

Tricities Medical Response System

Dustin Handley

Region 8: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming


HPP Awardee: Colorado Department of Public Health & Envirnment, Lyle Moore

Coalition Contact Person Email

Baca County Healthcare Coalition

Jessami Caddick

Bent County Healthcare Coalition

Beth Spady

Eagle County Public Safety Council

Jackie Hammel

Garfield County Healthcare Coalition/ESF-8 Group

Anna Cochran

Grand County Healthcare Coalition

Brene Belew-Ladue

Health and Medical Response

Mary Pancheri

Jackson County Healthcare Coalition/Northpark HCC

Jane Bingham

Kiowa County Healthcare Coalition

Jo Lynn Idler

Kit Carson County Healthcare Coalition

Dawn James

Larimer County Emergency Healthcare Coalition

Tim Klippert

Lasst Coalition

Claire Macpherson

Lincoln County Emergency Management Healthcare Coalition

Mark Morrison

Logan County Esf8 Healthcare Coalition

Bonnie Brownell

Mesa County Healthcare Coalition

Travis Dorr

Metro Foothills Healthcare Coalition

Janelle Worthington

Moffat County Healthcare Coalition

David Mucha

Montelores Health Care Coalition

Karen Dickson

Morgan County Healthcare Coalition

Sonya Bass

Partners In Preparedness (Cheyenne County HCC)

Darcy L. Janssen

Phillips County ESF-8 / Healthcare Coalition

Sharon Greenman

Pitkin County Healthcare Coalition

Liz Stark

Rio Blanco County Healthcare Coalition

Karen Iacuone

Routt County Healthcare Coalition

Jim Johnsen

San Luis Valley East Healthcare Coalition

Linda Smith

San Luis Valley West Healthcare Coalition

Emily Brown

Sedgwick County Healthcare Coalition

Machelle Newth

South Central Healthcare Coalition

Lisa Powell

South East Healthcare Coalition

Richard Ritter

South Region Healthcare Coalition

Jill Filer

Summit County Healthcare Coalition

Abbie Cobb

Tchd Healthcare Coalition

Sara Garrington

Weld County ESF-8  Healthcare Coalition

Andrew Glendenning

West Region HCC

Nanci Quintana

Y-W ESF-8 Healthcare Coalition

Vickie Gillett


HPP Awardee: Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services, Don McGiboney

Coalition Contact Person Email

Montana Healthcare Partners

Dayle Perrin

North Dakota

HPP Awardee: North Dakota Department of Health, Tim Wiedric

Coalition Contact Person Email

ND Health Care Coalition

Ruth Hursman

South Dakota

HPP Awardee: South Dakota Department of Health, Alexandra Little

Coalition Contact Person Email

South Dakota Region 1

Andy Klitzke

South Dakota Region 2

Alexandra Little

South Dakota Region 3

Samantha Hill

South Dakota Region 4

Carol Taylor


HPP Awardee: Utah Department of Health, Kevin McCulley

Coalition Contact Person Email

Central Region Healthcare Coalition

Zach Kearney

Healthcare Preparedness Coalition Of Utah/Wasatch Counties

Talisha Bacon

Northern Utah Healthcare Coalition

Kevin Christensen

Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Terry Begay

Southeastern Utah Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Robert Donaldson

Southwest Utah Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Steven Rossberg

Uintah Basin Region Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Julianne Ehlers


HPP Awardee: Wyoming Department of Health, David Edwards

Coalition Contact Person Email

Big Horn Basin

Margaret Staab

Central Wyoming

Kaleigh Good

Region 1

Baerbell Merrill

Southeastern Wyoming

Cindy Osborne

Western Wyoming

Mike Fleming

Region 9: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianna Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau


HPP Awardee: Arizona Department of Health Services, Teresa Ehnert

Coalition Contact Person Email

Arizona Coalition For Healthcare Emergency Response - Central

Jennifer Hamilton

Arizona Coalition For Healthcare Emergency Response - Northern

Robin Oothoudt

Arizona Coalition For Healthcare Emergency Response - Western

Mark Hutsell

Arizona Healthcare Coalition - South Region

Louie Valenzuela

Arizona Pediatric Disaster Coalition

Deb Roepke


HPP Awardee: California Department of Health Care Services, Barbara Taylor

Coalition Contact Person Email

Alameda County Disaster Preparedness Health Coalition/Alameda

Donata Nilsen

Alpine County HPP Coalition

Kristine Oase

Amador County Public Health

Marsha Stone


Aimee Critser

Calaveras Healthcare Coalition

Diane Vickerman

Colusa County HPP

Jeff Kennedy

Contra Costa County Med/Health Forum

Lisa Vajgrt-Smith

County of San Diego

Gary Wells

Del Norte County

Cindy Henderson

El Dorado County HPP Coalition

Kristine Oase

Fresno County Medical Health Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee

Darrel Schmidt

Glenn County Healthcare Partnership

Amy Travis

Humboldt County HPP Partnership

Bill Linn

Imperial County Interagency Health Emergency Local Preparedness Healthcare Coalition

Mayra Ibarra

Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency

Ron Holk

Inyo County HPP Collaboration

Anna Scott

Kern Public Health HPP Partnership

Chris Niswonger

Kings County HPP Partnership

Abraham Valencia

Lake County

Kimberly Baldwin

Lassen County HPP

Christi Myers

Madera County Public Health Department

Myriam Alvarez

Marin Healthcare Preparedness Program

Megan Scott

Mariposa County

Nanette Wardle

Mendocino HPP Partnership

Valerie Lawe Cannon

Merced County Healthcare Partnership For Emergency Preparedness

Ilesha Sanders

Modoc County Healthcare Coalition

Kristi Zendejas

Mono County

Deb Diaz

Monterey County Healthcare Emergency Response Coalition

John Greathouse

Napa HPP Committee

Lisa Fletcher

Nevada County HPP Partnership

Patti Carter

Orange County

Mike Steinkraus

Placer County Healthcare Emergency Coalition

Michael Romero

Plumas County Emergency Preparedness Health Care Coalition

Tina Venable

Sacramento County HPP Partnership

Carlos Cossio

San Benito County HPP Group

Ryan Dehart

San Francisco Department of Public Health- Health Preparedness Partnership

Kenpou Saelee

San Joaquin County Operational Area Healthcare Coalition

Phillip Cook

San Luis Obispo County Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Elizabeth Merson

San Mateo County

Kevin Rose

Santa Barbara Disaster Healthcare Partners

Stacey Rosenberger

Santa Clara Valley Emergency Preparedness Healthcare Coalition

Jacquelyn Nash

Santa Cruz Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition

Argelia Soria

Shasta County HPP

Heidi Vert

Sierra Emergency Preparedness/Pandemic Influenza Committee

Letina Vanetti

Siskiyou County Medical Health Emergency Preparedness

Katie Eastman

Solano Public Health And Safety Preparedness and Response

Ted Selby

Sonoma County Healthcare Coalition

James Salvante

Stanislaus County Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Council

James Ferrera

Sutter County HPP Partnership

Jeff Kennedy

Tehama Co. HPP Partnership

Ruth Ann Rown

Trinity County Healthcare Preparedness Partners

Amanda Braxton

Tulare County Health Emergency Coalition

David Rozell

Tuolumne County Health Care and Safety Coalition

Rebecca Morgenstern

Ventura County Health Care Coalition

Janelle Leza

Western/Eastern Riverside Emergency Council

Laronte Groom

Yolo Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Susan Hensley

Yuba County HPP Partnership

John Anderson


HPP Awardee: Wyoming Department of Health, David Edwards

Coalition Contact Person Email

Hah Emergency Services Coalition

Christopher Crabtree

Los Angeles County

HPP Awardee: Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Roel Amara

Coalition Contact Person Email

Los Angeles County (LAC) Healthcare Coalition

Terry Crammer


HPP Awardee: Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Erin Lynch

Coalition Contact Person Email

Carson City Healthcare Coalition

Timothy Dehaven

Douglas County Healthcare Coalition

David Fogerson

Inter-Hospital Coordinating Council

Brian Taylor

Rural Healthcare Preparedness Partners

Christopher Lake

Southern Nevada Healthcare Preparedness Coalition

Jeff Quinn

Commonwealth of the Northern Marianna Islands

HPP Awardee: Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, Warren F. Villagomez

Coalition Contact Person Email

The Commonwealth Of Marianas Healthcare Coalition

Warren F. Villagomez

Federated States of Micronesia

HPP Awardee: Federated States of Micronesia Department of Health and Social Affairs, Arthy Nena

Coalition Contact Person Email

FSM Healthcare Coalition

Arthy G. Nena


HPP Awardee: Guam Department of Administration, William Kando

Coalition Contact Person Email

Guam Emergency Management Healthcare Coalition

William Kando

Marshall Islands

HPP Awardee: Republic of the Marshall Islands, Health Services, Francyne Wase-Jacklick

Coalition Contact Person Email

Prepare Coalition

Francyne Wase-Jacklick

Republic of Palau

HPP Awardee: Palau Ministry of Health, Udui Ritter

Coalition Contact Person Email

Health Related Emergency Preparedness Coalition

Ritter B. Udui

Region 10: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington


HPP Awardee: Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Jessica Gould

Coalition Contact Person Email

Alaska Healthcare Coalition

Jessica Gould


HPP Awardee: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Matthew Dudley

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Central District Health Department

Mark Haigwood

Eastern Idaho Public Health District

Tammy Cox

Panhandle Health District

Nick Mechikoff

Public Health – Idaho North Central District

Dean Neufeld

South Central Public Health District

Josh Jensen

Southeastern Idaho Public Health

Darin Letzring

Southwest District Health

Ricky Bowman


HPP Awardee: Oregon Department of Human Services, Akiko Saito

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region 1-Northwest Oregon Health Preparedness Organization

Kathryn Richer

Region 2 - Healthcare Coalition

Sue Lamb

Region 3 - Healthcare Coalition

Beth Depew

Region 5 - Healthcare Coalition

Beth Depew

Region 6 - Healthcare Coalition

Dewayne Hatcher


HPP Awardee: Washington State Department of Health, Kari McDonald

Coalition Contact Person Email

Region 1 Healthcare Coalition – Island San Juan; Skagit; Snohomish; Whatcom Counties

Erika Henry

Region 2 Healthcare Coalition – Clallam; Jefferson; Kitsap Counties

Erika Henry

Region 3 Healthcare Coalition – Grays Harbor; Lewis; Mason; Pacific; Thurston Counties

Erika Henry

Region 4 Healthcare Coalition – Clark; Cowlitz; Skamania; Wahkiakum Counties

Erika Henry

Region 5-6 Healthcare Coalition – King County

Erika Henry

Region 7 Healthcare Coalition – Chelan; Douglas; Grant; Kittitas; Okanogan Counties

Erika Henry

Region 8 Healthcare Systems Coalition – Benton; Franklin; Klickitat; Walla Walla; Yakima Counties

Erika Henry

Region 9 Healthcare Coalition – Adams; Asotin; Columbia; Ferry; Garfield; Lincoln; Pend Oreille; Spokane; Stevens; Whitman Counties

Erika Henry

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