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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Fort Hood Incident: November 2009

Hospital Preparedness Program

In central Texas, HPP funded preparedness efforts enhanced the regional hospitals’ response during the November, 2009 Fort Hood shooting incident. Specifically, HPP Partnership and Coalition funds used for ongoing hospital planning meetings helped to ensure continued coordination between and among hospitals and Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) during the Fort Hood shooting incident in November, 2009.

As a part of the planning associated with participation in the HPP Program, hospital officials developed a regional Hospital Disaster Plan that was signed off on by all Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) involved.

Shortly after word of the shootings arrived, Darnell Hospital on Fort Hood called the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) and HPP regional contractor and requested that this plan be activated. The contractor used EMResource to create an event notice for all hospitals in the region, and though most patients were treated at Darnell Hospital, Scott and White Hospital set up their command center as a result of the notice.

The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) funded EMResource and EMTrack facilitated hospital communication and patient tracking, while WebEOC enhanced communication processes for hospitals. HPP funds also have been used to enhance Disaster Behavioral Health response, and though there are no current needs, these resources can be coordinated and deployed if necessary. Additionally, in an attempt to continuously learn from live events, the Texas Department of State Health Services has authorized the use of HPP funds to support a planned after action review meeting to take place sometime in the near future.

  • This page last reviewed: April 19, 2012