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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2011 Oklahoma Tornadoes

Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)

Tornado   In the past year, Oklahoma has experienced approximately 99 tornadoes, affecting the central, northwest and southwest areas of the state. Fortunately these storms have only affected one hospital with minor structural damage, Atoka Memorial Hospital, all the while still posing a threat to other hospitals.
HPP funding allowed these hospitals to utilize shelter-in-place during the storms along with interoperable communications in places the power was cut off. Hospitals were also able to post situational reports via multiple alternative communication devices during and after the storms due to HPP funds. HAvBED was utilized to assist with the accountability for surge capacity in hospitals that were still fully functional. Management of critical resources and response operations were best utilized in a regional approach with the enhanced partnerships throughout the state.

  • This page last reviewed: April 19, 2012