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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Performance Measure 12

Percent of HCCs that have drilled their primary communications plan and system/platform and one redundant communications system/platform (not connected to the commercial power grid) at least once every six months

Goal or Target

One hundred percent of HCCs are expected to respond ‘Yes’ (the HCC has drilled their primary communications plan and system/platform and at least one redundant communications system and platform at least once every six months) during each fiscal year.

Operational Intent

Redundant communications systems improve the likelihood that HCCs are able to coordinate response activities during an emergency should one communication system fail. HCCs should test their redundant communications systems using the drill prescribed in the FOA and take corrective action when systems fail. This PM will assess whether regular communications drills are taking place to help ensure that communications plans and systems and platforms are working when needed. The expectation is that each HCC is testing at least one primary and one backup communications system during each drill as detailed in the FOA drill guidance.

Data Reporting

Each HCC should report these data in the CAT. During the specified time period for end-of-year reporting, recipients should enter this information on behalf of each HCC into the end-of-year performance measure module in PERFORMS. SPPR will calculate percentages.

Data Point Data Entity Data Source Response
PM12.1 Date of First Redundant Communications DrillHCCExercise notes or other operational documents


PM12.2 Date of Second Redundant Communications DrillHCC​Exercise notes or other operational documentsMM/DD/YYYY

Definitions and Interpretation

  • Drilled: Testing at least one primary and one backup communications system as detailed in the FOA drill guidance.

  • Redundant communications plans and systems/platforms: Plans identify reliable, resilient, interoperable, and redundant information and communication systems and platforms by which the HCC intends to send and collect Essential Elements of Information (EEI). These plans may include: incident management software; bed and patient tracking systems; EMS information systems; municipal, hospital, and amateur radio systems; satellite telephones; and others. They are designed to maintain situational awareness during an emergency. Systems and platforms are the tools or methods of sharing EEI to HCC members and other stakeholders.

  • At least once every six months: The fiscal year is 12 months long and begins July 1. Each year, the HCC should plan to conduct at least one RCD before December 30 and another RCD between December 30 and June 30.

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  • This page last reviewed: November 05, 2020