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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Performance Measure 2

Goal or Target

Recipients must execute subawards with each HCC within 90 calendar days from the start of each fiscal year (July 1). SPPR will evaluate data from the first fiscal year and determine if the 90-day benchmark needs to be adjusted for subsequent years. ASPR will use this measure as a benchmark to assess achievement of preparedness goals for the health care system. Pursuant to Section 319C-1(g)(5) of the Public Health Service Act, failure to achieve this benchmark for one of two consecutive years may result in withholding of 10% of funding amounts and increased withholding amounts in subsequent years in this benchmark is not met.

Operational Intent

This PM provides insight into fiscal preparedness and the ability of recipients to execute subawards to HCCs in a timely manner. How quickly HCCs can begin to execute programming and contracts may impact their ability to perform on an annual basis. The sooner implementing groups have the subaward in place, the sooner they are able to begin work and access HPP funding, and the greater their likelihood is of having sufficient time to complete subaward activities.

Data Reporting

Recipients should report the date each subaward was executed with each HCC into the end-of-year performance measure module in PERFORMS (during the specified time period for end-of-year reporting). SPPR will calculate duration from start of the fiscal year (July 1).

Data Point Data Entity Data Source Response
PM2.1 Date(s) subaward(s) are executed Recipient Executed subaward agreements

HCC Name:________

Date Executed:________

Definitions and Interpretation

  • Number of calendar days: Calendar days, inclusive of weekends, holidays, and leap day (if applicable).

  • Start of fiscal year: July 1 is the start date of each fiscal year. If extenuating circumstances prevent the timely award of HPP awards to recipients before or on this date, this start date will be adjusted to reflect the federal government’s delay in awarding funds to the recipients.

  • Recipients to execute subawards: The regular process by which recipients issue a contract, cooperative agreement, or grant (collectively referred to as a subaward) which allows an HCC to legally enter into obligations or expend funding. Reimbursement of pre-award costs is generally not allowed.

  • With each HCC: While the recipient is responsible for reporting this measure, the date of subaward execution should only be calculated from when the HCC and only the HCC receives an executed subaward from the recipient. If a recipient uses a pass-through entity such as a 501(c)(3) or a state hospital association to subsequently execute a subaward to the HCC, the date of executed subaward is when the HCC ultimately receives an executed subaward.

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  • This page last reviewed: November 05, 2020