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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Performance Measure 9

Percent of HCCs engaged in their recipient’s jurisdictional risk assessment

Goal or Target

Each HCC responds ‘yes’ at least one time between the start of FY2019 and the end of FY2023.

Operational Intent

ASPR requires all HPP recipients to participate in or complete a jurisdictional risk assessment (JRA) in conjunction with their HCCs at least once every five years. The JRA is a critical input into a community’s emergency planning process, identifying hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks. This measure will assess if HCCs are engaged in the development of JRAs.

Data Reporting

Each HCC should report the following data through the CAT. During the specified time period for end-of-year reporting, recipients should enter this information on behalf of each HCC into the end-of-year performance measure module in PERFORMS. SPPR will calculate percentages.

Data Point Data Entity Data Source Response
PM9.1 The HCC has provided input into its recipient’s jurisdictional risk assessment HCC ​Written communications, meeting notes, or other operational documents

 HCC Name: _______

Yes ___

No   ___

Definitions and Interpretation

  • Engaged: Provided meaningful opportunity to review and provide input to the recipient during the development or update of the jurisdictional risk assessment.

  • Jurisdictional risk assessment (JRA): Recipients are required to coordinate the completion of JRAs to identify potential hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks within the community, including interjurisdictional (i.e., cross-border) risks (as appropriate) that specifically relate to the public health, medical, and mental/behavioral systems and to the functional needs of at-risk individuals.

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  • This page last reviewed: November 05, 2020