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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

National Healthcare Preparedness, Evaluation & Improvement Conference

National Healthcare Preparedness, Evaluation & Improvement Conference Header

National Healthcare Preparedness Evaluation and Improvement Conference
Monday, July 20, 2009 – Friday July 24, 2009
Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington,Virginia 22202

Introduction: Established in 2002, The Hospital Preparedness Program’s (HPP) mission is “to ready hospitals and other healthcare systems, in collaboration with other partners, to deliver coordinated and effective care to victims of terrorism and other public health emergencies.“ Since then, there has been a continued need for more refined assessments of healthcare systems preparedness. In response, this conference will highlight, describe, promote, and expand the dialogue around evaluative research and achievement related to activities of the HPP aimed to improve measurement, data capture, analysis, and reporting for the advancement of healthcare preparedness by engaging stakeholders at various levels.

Goal: The goal of this conference is to provide an interactive forum to exchange information and methods in data, evaluation, and information systems in healthcare preparedness to improve the usefulness of data and to provide solutions to challenges related to healthcare preparedness measurement and analysis.


  • Share information related to progress among HPP Awardees and other public health and healthcare stakeholders
  • Improve essential skills for effective data collection and assessment
  • Present current advances in evaluation, research, and practice in healthcare preparedness
  • Showcase promising practices in the achievement of HPP goals and capabilities and healthcare preparedness evaluation and measurement
  • Foster collaborations between stakeholders in healthcare preparedness among Federal, state, local, tribal governments, and non-governmental agencies
  • Network with leaders in healthcare preparedness
  • Address challenges in current healthcare preparedness data collection methods and create solutions for improvement
  • Develop and identify measures and metrics, both qualitative and quantitative, that  more concise and meaningful


  • Federal Government
  • Private Industries
  • Professional Associations
  • Hospitals Personnel
  • State and Local Government
  • Not for Profit Organizations
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Emergency Responders
  • Evaluators
  • Academia
  • Policymakers

Healthcare Preparedness Evaluation and Improvement Conference

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