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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Influenza vaccination is the most effective strategy to prevent influenza infections, reduce the severity of illness, and save lives during seasonal outbreaks and pandemics. While influenza is one of the greatest public health and national security challenges, other emerging infectious diseases can also have a devastating impact on human health and the economy. The capacity and capabilities developed for seasonal and pandemic influenza preparedness will enable the USG to respond more effectively to other emerging infectious diseases. Collaborative efforts across the federal government, academia, the private sector, and international stakeholders over the past decade have advanced influenza vaccine technologies. However, significant gaps remain in vaccine effectiveness, pace of vaccine production, sustainable manufacturing, and vaccine access and coverage across all populations. Therefore, the NIVMS positions the USG and its partners to respond more quickly and effectively to future influenza pandemics and, simultaneously, strengthen our response to seasonal influenza. Advancing the United States’ vaccine enterprise is a formidable task and must be coordinated across federal and SLTT governments, private partners, non-governmental organizations, academia, professional associations, and international stakeholders.

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  • This page last reviewed: June 08, 2020