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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Hurricane Response Playbook

Critical Infrastructure Operational Checklist

Critical Infrastructure Protection Program
Incident Response Checklist

Pre-incident/24-Hour checklist Timeline Status (RYG) Completed By Date Completed
Verify user ID/passwords and access to: EMG E-mail ( T-96      
HSIN T-96      
Critical Sectors T-96      
ESF #8 T-96      
FedOps T-96      
Emergency Management T-96      
Icav T-96      
InSIGHT T-96      
Palenterra T-96      
PHAST T-96      
RxResponse T-96      
SOC Portal T-96      
WebEOC T-96      
Upload CIP Operational Checklist to CIP section of the SOC Portal T-96      
Setup Incident Specific area on HSIN-CS-HPH Portal
Notify HPH Partners that the area has been established and the current plan of action for information sharing initiatives T-96      
Nationally/internationally significant infrastructure
Compare potentially affected area with Tier ½ list (CLASSIFIED) T-72      
Compare potentially affected area with CFDI list (CLASSIFIED) T-72      
Determine potential effects secondary to interdependencies T-72      
Regionally/locally significant infrastructure
Determine categories of infrastructure of concern T-72      
Provide list of categories to Fusion Cell and GIS ( T-72      
Review PHAST Database for listed assets T-72      
Determine potential effects secondary to interdependencies T-72      
HHS owned/operated facilities throughout the US
Contact ASAM for a database run of HHS owned/operated assets T-72      
Request should include File ID, OPDIV/STAFFDIV, Status, Record Type, Subtype, File Name, Address, City, County, State, Postal Code, Gross SF, # of Occupants, Mission Dependency, Utilization, and Ownership T-72      
Determine the impact, if any, to these facilities T-72      
Insert number of facilities and number of HHS personnel affected into HHS SITREP. Provide a copy of the list to the Fusion Cell and GIS staff ( T-72      
Determine potential effects secondary to interdependencies T-72      
Determine cascading effects T-72      
Develop CIP shift rotation based upon current/proposed operational periods T-72      
Provide pertinent CIP related information to planning personnel as requested T-72      
Monitor changes in the affected zone and reassess interdependencies and cascading effects T-48/24/Daily      
Provide updates to WebEOC (submission times based upon operational requirements) Daily      
Provide updates to InSIGHT by 0300 and 1500 daily, once initiated by the NICC Daily      
Monitor for changes in impact to assets/systems in the affected area Daily      
Participate in HHS SOC ESF #8 Conference Call (at least once per operational period) Daily      
Participate in FEMA VTC Conference Calls (at least once per operational period) Daily      
Participate in NICC Conference call (Daily at 1100) Daily      
Participate in HPH Sector Conference Call (Daily at 1000) Daily      
Information Sharing
E-mail Reports via HSIN Listserv        
NICC Daily O/S As Released      
NICC ExSum As Released      
NICC SITREP As Released      
DHS SPOT REP As Released      
DHS NOC Reporting As Released      
Posting to HSIN-CS Portal (Incident Specific Area)
HHS SITREP As Released      
HHS SPOT REP As Released      
HHS GIS Products (As approved by Operations) As Released      

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  • This page last reviewed: February 14, 2012