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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

SHARPER: Science, Healthcare, Preparedness, Evaluation and Research

SHARPER emphasizes a more rigorous, evidence-based, outcome driven approach to healthcare preparedness and response. SHARPER reflects a new approach to the analysis and measurement of healthcare preparedness.  Its broad scope allows ASPR to better understand healthcare preparedness and the linkages to the daily delivery of healthcare. In doing so, ASPR will better ensure that the nation is prepared for disasters.

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Performance Measures
Learn about aspects of planning, performance measurement, metrics, analysis, study designs and information systems that can help states more effectively plan and implement their preparedness efforts.  These resources include tools, successful models and more.   Learn More >>

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SHARPER provides the key information needed to determine how well the funding of State and local activities are achieving their health preparedness goals and improving the nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. Learn More >>

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Technical Assistance
SHARPER provides links to best practices, training resources and other materials aimed at helping states learn more about healthcare systems preparedness and evaluation. Learn how your program can promote stronger emergency preparedness, response and recovery.  Learn More >>

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SHARPER is excited to engage in a dialogue with its partners and potential partners in preparedness.  If you have questions or comments about SHARPER's resources or if you want to learn more, please contact us at

  • This page last reviewed: August 04, 2017