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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HPP-PHEP 6.1: Information Sharing

Percentage of local partners that reported requested Essential Elements of Information (EEI) to the public health/medical lead within the requested timeframe
This measure assesses the extent to which local response entities communicate requested information to the public health/medical lead in order to facilitate situational awareness and the effective management of resources in a timely manner.

Additional data that must be reported

  1. Number of local partners that received a request for EEI (denominator)
  2. Number of local partners that reported requested EEI to the health/medical lead within the requested timeframe (numerator)
  3. The request for EEI occurred during a: [Select one]
    • Incident
    • Full scale exercise
    • Functional exercise
    • Drill
    • Planned event
  4. Please identify the type of incident/exercise/planned event upon which the request for EEI was based: [Select all that apply]
    • Extreme weather (e.g., heat wave, ice storm)
    • Flooding
    • Earthquake
    • Hurricane/tropical storm
    • Hazardous material
    • Fire
    • Tornado
    • Biological hazard or disease, please specify
    • Radiation
    • Other, please specify
  5. Name and date of the incident/planned event/exercise.
  6. How many of each type(s) of local partners responded to the request?
    • Hospitals
    • Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Community Health Centers
    • Healthcare coalitions
    • Local public health entities (LHDs, district or regional offices, etc.)
    • Other, please specify
  7. Please identify the requesting entity (e.g., public health/medical lead at the state, sub-state regional, or local level). [Select one]
    • State public health/medical lead (or designee)
    • Sub-state regional public health/medical lead (or designee)
    • Local public health/medical lead (or designee)
    • Other, please specify
  8. Please identify the types of EEI requested. [Select all that apply]
    • Facility operating status
    • Facility structural integrity
    • Status of evacuations/shelter in-place operations
    • Status of critical medical services (e.g., trauma, critical care)
    • Critical service/infrastructure status (e.g., electric, water, sanitation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
    • Bed or patient status
    • Equipment/supplies/medications/vaccine status or needs
    • Staffing status
    • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) status
    • Epidemiological, surveillance or lab data (e.g., test results, case counts, deaths)
    • School-related data (closure, absenteeism, etc.)
    • POD/mass vaccination sites data (e.g., throughput, open/set-up status, etc.)
    • Other, please specify
  9. Please identify the type of IT or other communication system used by local partners to report requested EEI. [Select all that apply]
    • Telecommunication (e.g., cell phone, satellite phone, land line)
    • E-mail
    • Online/web interface (electronic bed or patient tracking, survey tools, WebEOC or similar, etc.)
    • Health Alert Network
    • Other, please specify
  10. Please indicate any barriers to submitting requested EEI within the requested timeframe. [Select all that apply]
    • Communication
    • Equipment
    • Funding
    • Participation
    • Policies/procedures
    • Resource limitations
    • Staffing
    • Time constraints
    • Training
    • Other, please specify
    • None
  11. New - Continuous Quality Improvement:
    • Were relevant corrective actions/improvement plan items from prior responses (including exercises, drills, etc.) related to information sharing incorporated into planning and/or response procedures before this incident/drill took place? [Yes/Some/No]
    • Have corrective actions / improvement plan items related to information sharing been identified as a result of this incident/drill? [Yes/No]
      • i.    Have they been implemented? [Yes/Some/No]
  12.  New - [Optional] Please provide any additional clarifying, contextual or other information.

SHARPER: Science, Healthcare, Preparedness, Evaluation and Research

  • This page last reviewed: July 16, 2014