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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HPP-PHEP Joint Measures

In line with HPP and PHEP grant alignment priorities, HPP and PHEP collaborated to develop and refine the HPP-PHEP Joint Measures for information sharing and volunteer management. For BP2 specifically, HPP removed information sharing and volunteer management from the HPP-specific measures to further reduce Awardees’ reporting burden.

HPP-PHEP 6.1: Information Sharing

Percentage of local partners that reported requested Essential Elements of Information (EEI) to the public health/medical lead within the requested timeframe.

This measure assesses the extent to which local response entities communicate requested information to the public health/medical lead in order to facilitate situational awareness and the effective management of resources in a timely manner.

HPP-PHEP 15.1: Volunteer Management

Percentage of volunteers deployed to support a public health/medical incident within the requested timeframe.
The immediate intent of this measure is to assess the timeliness of implementing key stages of volunteer management – from receipt of request, to activation of volunteers, to deployment – in order to determine key bottlenecks and chokepoints which inhibit timely deployment of volunteers.
The broader programmatic intent of this measure is to ensure that the awardee meets requests for volunteers in a timely manner.
This measure is not intended to assess routine or day-to-day volunteer activities in volunteer or healthcare organizations.

For more information on this and other HPP Program Evaluation topics, please refer to the HPP Measure Manual: Implementation Guidance for the HPP Program Measures.  SHARPER welcomes your feedback. Please submit your questions and comments via e-mail at

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  • This page last reviewed: July 16, 2014