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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Group of interns working togeather    The ASPR Internship Program offers students the opportunity to work in the challenging and rewarding field of public health emergency preparedness, response and recovery.  While working for ASPR, interns, volunteers and fellows gain valuable Federal work experience, make professional contacts, and learn to apply their skills.   

ASPR is dedicated to providing exceptional paid and volunteer internship opportunities for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students interested in the mission of ASPR and in the area of public health.
With this commitment in mind, we have created a unique ASPR Student Internship Program designed to improve the professional development of future public service leaders.

Internship Openings at ASPR | Student Temporary Employment Program | Student Career Experience Program | Student Volunteer Employment Program | Emerging Leaders Program | Presidential Management Fellows Program | Commissioned Officer Student Training & Extern Program (CO-STEP) | Student Shadow Program 


Internships and Volunteer Programs in ASPR

Student Volunteer Employment Program   
The ASPR’s Student Volunteer Employment Program (SVEP) is a non-paid employment opportunity limited to services performed by a student, with the permission of the educational institution at which the student is enrolled and the ASPR. ASPR is looking for student volunteer interns who are seeking work and educational experiences that may or may not be related to their academic courses in their high schools, colleges, or universities. The SVEP intern will also have a chance to explore the work of Federal career professionals who are really committed to their careers in public service.

Commissioned Officer Student Training & Extern Program (CO-STEP)
The ASPR Commissioned Officer Student Training & Extern Program (CO-STEP) is a paid internship opportunity for undergrad and graduate level students to serve in ASPR Program and Management Offices. ASPR CO-STEPs serve for 60 to 90 day assignments that are related to their college or university academic courses of study. The ASPR CO-STEPs also have a chance to observe and explore the workday of Federal career professionals.

Emerging Leaders Program
The ASPR’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a competitive two-year, paid, Federal internship with the ASPR and HHS. The program provides selected participants with a unique opportunity to develop enhanced leadership skills. ASPR is looking for talented and highly-motivated individuals with a commitment to public service. The ELP provides an excellent opportunity for participants to begin professional careers at HHS. ASPR has designed an ELP to enhance the professional development of future public service leaders.  Learn More >>

Presidential Management Fellows
ASPR’s Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program is a prestigious two-year fellowship to prepare selected participants for upper-level management in the Federal government. Participants must be in their final year of a graduate program and must receive a nomination from their graduate school to be considered for the PMF Program.  PMFs receive full salary and benefits as well as challenging assignments, rotations, and feedback on their work. Learn More >>

Student Shadow Program
The ASPR Student Shadow Program (SSP) is an unpaid opportunity for high school, college, and graduate level students to shadow ASPR Program Officers and Senior Managers for one or two days. ASPR Shadow Students are able to follow ASPR Program Officers and Senior Managers around the organization to learn about the day to day functions of ASPR.  There is no formal application process for participating in SSP. 



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