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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Health System Policy

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The Division of Health Systems Policy provides policy expertise and guidance related to health systems’ preparedness and response to disasters and public health emergencies.  Using strategic policy initiatives, the Division encourages health care systems that are efficient, prepared, responsive and resilient.  The Division focuses on collaboration with stakeholders to advance federal, state and local capacities to respond to disasters and public health emergencies.


The Division’s mission is to build strong, sustainable, resilient health care systems through strategic policy initiatives, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Departments (EDs), hospitals, public health agencies, ambulatory care centers, primary care settings and long term care facilities (LTCs).


  • Provide leadership in the areas of EMS, ED, Hospital, Public Health, Ambulatory/Primary/LTC policy formulation, analysis and implementation.
  • Provide subject matter expertise in the areas of payment/reimbursement, health information, IT/telehealth and workforce related to daily emergency care, disaster/public health preparedness and response.
  • Undertake studies and evaluate health care system preparedness and response capabilities, identify gaps, and initiate policy planning to close those gaps.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with stakeholders.

  • This page last reviewed: April 21, 2016