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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About the Office of Acquisitions Management, Contracts and Grants

Our Mission

Provide the nation with acquisitions and assistance support to prepare and respond to the adverse health effects of public health emergencies and disasters.

Our Vision

To provide World Class Acquisition and Assistance Services to enable our customers to save lives by reducing the adverse effects of public health emergencies and disasters.

The Office of Acquisitions Management, Contracts and Grants (AMCG) provides the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR) with acquisitions and grants management oversight and support.  AMCG provides both acquisitions and grants support to ASPR and two offices within ASPR: the Office of Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the Office of Preparedness & Emergency Operations (OPEO).

AMCG also provides functional support activities to ASPR including but not limited to: requirements analysis for Statement of Work (SOW)/Statement of Objectives (SOO), operations development and support, acquisition strategy development and tracking assistance to include contractual milestone development with measurable success criteria. AMCG also serves as ASPR’s focal point for Broad Agency Announcements (BAA), cooperative agreements, and the management, leadership and administration of grants.

AMCG provides policy oversight for both contracts and grants management and administration matters.  AMCG ensures that all contractual and grant awards conform to applicable statutory, regulatory, and administrative policy requirements both pre and post award.  AMCG also provides training, technical assistance and guidance to all stakeholders to assure consistency and compliance with all requirements of award.

  • This page last reviewed: July 30, 2013