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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Most jobs available at ASPR are compensated using the General Schedule (GS) pay system.

Salary Range and Promotions

When you apply for a position on, the GS level and salary range will be listed at the top of the job announcement. The salary range corresponds to compensation at that GS level or range of levels.

The GS pay scale has 15 levels or grades, and each level has 10 steps.  Within a GS level, an employee’s pay increases in defined amounts known as steps. Step increases are typically awarded at standard intervals throughout an employee’s career, but they are not automatic.  Pay increases to the next step are based on the years of experience in your position and acceptable performance.

GS StepStandard Period to Step Increase *
1-452 weeks


104 weeks


156 weeks

Step increases for exceptional performance may be awarded during a performance review without restarting the waiting period.

GS pay schedules are updated annually.  To learn more, see the GS Pay Tables.

Locality Pay

Federal employees who work in certain cities or states are eligible for locality pay.  To find out if you are applying for a job in one of these areas, see the locality pay area definitions.

Additional Compensation

In addition to basic pay, employees may receive overtime compensation, bonuses, and some allowances based on their performance.

  • This page last reviewed: March 12, 2019