Patient- and Community-Centered Emergency Care

A comprehensive emergency care system must meet the needs of patients and communities. The ECCC envisions a system of care that efficiently delivers high quality care both day to day and in times of surge and is examining ways that emergency care system can become more patient- and community-centered.

Emergency department sign

Increasing Transparency of Hospital Acute Care Capabilities
Patients need robust data on hospital emergency care capabilities so they can make better choices. That data rarely exists. ECCC is engaging emergency care providers, patients, payers and other key stakeholders to develop a tiered, evidence-based system to describe the acute care capabilities of U.S. hospitals. Learn More >>

Bandage on leg

Bystanders as First Responders
When disaster strikes, bystanders are on the scene helping the injured before emergency responders arrive. The ECCC is helping determine what bystanders need to know to controlling bleeding and take other vital first aid measures. ECCC is also exploring resources to help individuals engage in bystander response. Learn More>>

Doctor talking to patient

Developing an Inventory of Trauma, Emergency, and Burn Care Capabilities
This project seeks to develop a comprehensive national inventory of the location and capabilities of emergency departments, trauma centers, and burn centers to manage acutely ill and injured patients.