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The mAbs Calculator

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COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics Calculator for Infusion Sites

ASPR, in partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, has developed the COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics Calculator for Infusion Sites (mAbs Calculator). The mAbs Calculator is a free, data-informed decision support tool that is based on a comprehensive simulation framework. The mAbs Calculator can be used to inform staffing decisions and resource investments needed for COVID-19 monoclonal antibody therapeutic infusion sites.

The mAbs Calculator was developed using advanced simulation and modeling tools in real-time to inform the implementation of mAb treatments. More than 162,000 alternative scenarios that take into account staffing and capacity levels, scheduling protocols, patient demand, facility service hours, and infusion durations were considered in the development of this tool.

Planning to Administer mAb Therapies

Administration of COVID-19 mAb therapeutics can help reduce the strain on hospital systems by decreasing the need for hospitalization of high-risk COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms, and FDA recommends IV administration of these treatments. A wide range of clinical settings have implemented mAb infusion sites, including large heath care systems, emergency departments, medical sites, rural health providers, ambulatory care facilities, long-term care facilities, urgent care sites, and federally qualified health sites.

The mAbs Calculator can help hospitals and health care facilities:

​​better estimate the operational capacity
of infusion sites
customer satisfaction
​establish plans to reduce waiting times and improve customer satisfaction
​make informed decisions to maximize a
facility’s use of health care resources
prevent infection​decrease transmission risks associated with too many patients in a certain service area of a facility
cost effective
make more cost-effective decisions in
response to patient demand​

Easy to Use Interface

The mAbs Calculator is flexible and easy to use – it has just eight questions. Information on your site’s capacity, staffing, and procedures are input using a series of standardized drop-down menus.

Nurses and clinical support staff are primary drivers of the capacity of an infusion site. Other roles and activities, such as physicians, pharmacists, registration, testing, and referral may be needed to implement an infusion site, but are not listed as inputs for this tool.

Data You Can Use

The mAbs Calculator provides valuable information to decision makers about ways that physical capacity and staffing inputs affect critical performance metrics such as:

the total number of patients that can be treated during service hours​
​the percentage of patients that can be seen within a targeted service duration
​the average patient length of stay

Using this information about how infusion beds and nurses translate into treated patients and other performance metrics, existing mAb infusion sites can tailor their capacity and staffing levels. New mAb infusion sites can use this information to effectively plan and move forward with implementation efforts.

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  • This page last reviewed: March 09, 2022