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Stay Safe Before, During and After a Tornado

Tornadoes bring sudden, severe destruction. Preparation, communication, and a response plan can help you and your family get through a tornado safely. The resources below will help you learn how to create a plan, stay informed, and recover from a tornado.

Learn How to Stay Safe Before, During and After a Tornado  


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Preparedness and Planning

Proper planning can help you and your family get through a tornado safely. Learn the key elements of a good plan and how to stay connected with family members, plan for loved ones with special need, protect your pets, and other important aspects of preparedness.


During a Tornado

Knowing what to do during a tornado can help you and your family make better decisions that will keep you safe. Of course, to make an informed decision, be sure to stay connected with your state's emergency management office.


Following a Tornado

Learn how to take steps to recover from a tornado and cope with the stress and loss caused by the disaster.

Resources for Response Workers

Response workers have special responsibilities and challenges during a disaster.  Learn how to stay safe and keep others safe and healthy.

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  • This page last reviewed: August 05, 2020