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S3 - Science Safety Security

About S3: Science Safety Security

Welcome to the website of the S3: Science, Safety, and Security program, which addresses biosafety, biosecurity, biocontainment, and biorisk management.  The S3 program promotes transparency and broader awareness about the evolving nature of biological agents that can be hazardous, and how to handle and use these agents safely and securely. The resources provided here include information for laboratory personnel who work with potentially hazardous biological agents, their supervisors, the management personnel of the institutions in which they work, policymakers, and the public. The S3 website will be updated and expanded to include more U.S. Government resources and information.

The life sciences hold the power to improve, enrich, and lengthen the lives of the U.S. population and people around the world. Discoveries in the life sciences can lead to new methods for diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease; feeding a hungry world; and protecting environments and ecosystems from the ramifications of an ever-expanding human population and other societal challenges. Advances in this evolving field reflect an endless sense of possibility; scientists hold the key to finding tomorrow’s solutions to today’s problems.

One of the essential ingredients in ensuring that the life sciences continue to generate great benefits and do not become subject to misuse is the ongoing process of engaging scientists and other laboratory workers, policymakers and regulators, individuals responsible for national security and law enforcement, and the public to collaborate in developing and implementing strong ethical and operational frameworks for working with potentially hazardous biological agents safely and securely. The U.S. Government seeks these partnerships to foster and reinforce the culture of responsibility in the life sciences.

The U.S. Government is developing collaborative relationships with the life science community and other stakeholders to raise awareness about efforts to promote progress in the life sciences while preventing and deterring its misuse. This S3 website will allow the U.S. Government to share policies and best practices relating to biological risk management. The U.S. Government is committed to working with life scientists to identify mechanisms to improve biological risk management without causing unintended negative consequences for progress in research.

Visit us often to see what’s new in science, safety, and security.