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Category : Medical Countermeasures

July 13
New Smallpox Antiviral Increases National Health Security
May 21
From 1918 to 2018: BARDA’s Role in the Evolution of Pandemic Preparedness
April 11
Decontamination Decoded: Disrobing, Dry Wiping Removes 99% of Chemical Contaminants
November 20
BARDA Supports a Rapid, Deployable, Sensitive Diagnostic Platform to Diagnose Anthrax
August 30
BARDA adds new antibiotic to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections in order to protect the American public
August 02
New Frontiers and Extreme Environments: BARDA and NASA Join Forces to Better Protect the American Public and Astronauts from Radiation Injury
March 30
Powering the next generation of antibacterial innovation to enhance national security
February 06
Next-Generation Burn Care Products and Strategies Draw on Innovative Ideas
January 09
BARDA-supported Zika vaccine candidate enters clinical trial
December 05
Ensuring a coordinated response to Zika and other public health threats
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