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The HPH RISC Toolkit: A No-Cost Risk Assessment for Your Healthcare Facility

Author: Brittney Seiler and Michael Eltringham, HHS ASPR Division of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
Published Date: 1/17/2019 4:13:00 PM
Category: Public Health Preparedness;

Managing risk is one of the most complex and critical aspects of running a healthcare facility. The goal of the Healthcare and Public Health Risk Identification and Site Criticality Toolkit (HPH RISC Toolkit) is simple: make that task easier – at no cost to the facilities.

The ASPR RISC Toolkit is a cost-effective, objective, data-driven, all-hazards risk assessment tool. It allows your facility to determine its ability to withstand a variety of 21st century health security threats, including chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attacks; pandemic influenza or other emerging infectious diseases; and other manmade or naturally occurring incidents.

From a planning perspective, using the HPH RISC Toolkit presents your facility with multiple benefits. The data from the Toolkit can help inform your facility’s emergency preparedness planning, risk management activities, and resource investments.  This allows your facility to more strategically assess risk and plan your budget.

Although the information the tool can provide you facility is very valuable, the HPH RISC Toolkit is free to use. This means you can improve your understanding of your facility’s security and resilience with minimal investment.

The HPH RISC Toolkit was developed with the input of a team of ASPR Critical Infrastructure Protection partners at the federal, state, local and private sector levels and risk management subject matter experts. It is designed to help healthcare facility owners and operators identify risks in an easy-to-follow format using objective national-level data.

The toolkit consists of three self-assessment modules allowing healthcare facilities to:

Identify threats and hazards.  Assess vulnerabilities.  Determine criticality and consequences.

Several dozen ASPR stakeholders and representatives from regional healthcare coalitions validated the HPH RISC Toolkit through pilot testing; version 1.0 incorporates the partner feedback from these versions.

Version 1.0 builds on the original focus of physical infrastructure, identifying dependencies and interdependencies including cybersecurity concerns and the healthcare supply chain. It also contains the ability to compare multiple facilities across systems, coalitions, and regions.

Simply download a copy of the HPH RISC Tool and you can complete your assessment using a local copy of the tool.  Your results can only be accessed where you save and store the information.

Simple to download and use, the HPH RISC Toolkit also has a help desk support function for any users needing guided assistance through emailing Our website features a Frequently Asked Question guide to help you or your stakeholders troubleshoot any issues that arise.

A fact sheet ASPR developed providing more information is available online.

We've also developed reference materials to give you some background on the tool's methodology and development.

If you would like to help increase your facility’s risk assessment capabilities, download the ASPR CIP RISC Toolkit online today

Have you tried the HPH RISC Toolkit? Share your feedback and success stories with us at  


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