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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Caring and Preparing

Valentine's Day is a great time to show others that you care and that you'll be there for them when they need it most - even during a disaster or emergency.  This Valentine's Day, don't just tell the special people in your life that you love them - show them how much you care.  Plan to be there for them by building an emergency kit with your family, reaching out to your friends and neighbors or even joining a service organization.


Plan for Emergencies with the One You Love
Spouses have promised to love each other through it all.  So this Valentine's Day, take the first step towards staying safe when a disaster strikes.  Build a preparedness kit together.  Not sure what you need?  Find out how to make a kit, put together a plan and stay informed in a disaster.  Learn More >>

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A Valentine's Project to Remember:  Make a Preparedness Kit Together
Parents show their kids that you love them in so many ways.  They give hugs and kisses and protect their kids from the monsters under the bed.  This Valentine's Day, take some time to show your kids that they can depend on you in a real emergency.  Build a preparedness kit together.  Learn More >>

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Show your Furry Friends that you Care
If you have a dog, cat, hamster, fish or ferret, take some time to show them that you love them this Valentine's Day - just as much as they love you.  Make a prparedness kit for your pets so that you can care for them when they need it most.  Not sure what to include?  Find   Learn More >>

U.S. Flag Coming Together as a Community
You and your neighbors form a community that probably includes families, the elderly and people with special needs.  This Valentine's Day, talk to your neighbors about ways that you can depend on each other during an emergency.  Find out how you can come together and support one another. Learn More >>
U.S. Flag Showing that You Care through Service
Serving one another is just one way to show that you care about your neighbors, about your community, and about those in need.  This Valentine's Day, learn about ways that you can serve.  Become a part of the Public Health and Medical Response.  Learn More >>

Join the Response


Register with Emergency System  for Advance Registration of  Volunteer Health Professionals

  • This page last reviewed: February 11, 2014