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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Preparedness News Releases

April 27, 2018: HHS Partners to develop new treatment for seizures caused by nerve agents
April 23, 2018: HHS purchases anthrax antitoxin for Strategic National Stockpile
March 29, 2018: FDA approves Leukine for Acute Radiation Syndrome
October 6, 2017: HHS pursues therapeutic for radiation injury affecting blood platelets
October 6, 2017: HHS sponsors development of drug to treat infections from biowarfare agents, antibiotic-resistant bacteria
October 3, 2017: HHS sponsors development of two tests for radiation exposure
October 3, 2017: HHS, Regeneron partner on portfolio of treatments for pandemic influenza, emerging infectious diseases
October 2, 2017: HHS pursues reusable respirator to better protect medical providers during pandemics
September 29, 2017: HHS accelerates development of first Ebola vaccines and drugs
September 28, 2017: HHS boosts biodefense preparedness with smallpox vaccine for special populations
September 27, 2017: HHS leverages potential respiratory drug as chemical weapon antidote
September 26, 2017: HHS advances point-of-care diagnostic test for anthrax
September 18, 2017: HHS partners to develop first intranasal treatment for cyanide poisoning
September 15, 2017: HHS, Janssen Research & Development join forces on innovative influenza products
September 11, 2017: HHS spurs new antibiotic development for biodefense and common infections
August 29, 2017: FDA approves new antibacterial drug
August 18, 2017: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services welcomes Robert P. Kadlec, M.D., as Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
July 25, 2017: CARB-X Announces Funding for Global Scientists Racing to Discover New Antibiotics to Treat Superbugs
April 12, 2017: HHS sponsors new Zika diagnostic test, boosting national testing capacity
March 30, 2017: CARB-X injects up to $48 million to accelerate first Powered by CARB-X portfolio of drug discovery and development projects to tackle antibiotic resistance
March 27, 2017: Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostic Challenge selects 10 semifinalists in first phase of competition
December 12, 2016: Flint by the numbers
November 11, 2016: Assistant Secretary Nicole Lurie announces new BARDA Director
October 6, 2016: HHS enhances nation’s health preparedness for radiological threats
October 5, 2016: HHS pursues tests for radiation absorbed in nuclear emergency
October 4, 2016: HHS sponsors commercial manufacturing tests for Ebola vaccine
October 4, 2016: HHS awards funding to help protect health sector against cyber threats
September 30, 2016: HHS supports next-generation anthrax vaccine into advanced development
September 30, 2016: HHS sponsors next-generation genetic sequencing platform
September 29, 2016: For bioterrorism, HHS sponsors inhaled chlorine antidote
September 26, 2016: BARDA awards funding to speed development of Zika vaccine
September 21, 2016: HHS forges strategic partnerships with two global companies to develop new antibiotics
September 8, 2016: Federal prize competition seeks innovative ideas to combat antimicrobial resistance
September 8, 2016: HHS awards $350,000 to American Academy of Pediatrics to help children affected by the Zika Virus
September 8, 2016: CMS finalizes rule to bolster emergency preparedness of certain facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid
September 7, 2016: HHS accelerates development of mRNA-based Zika vaccine
September 1, 2016: HHS awards $ 19.8 million to Japanese company to accelerate development of a Zika vaccine
August 25, 2016: HHS funds development of Zika diagnostic test for use in doctors’ offices
August 23, 2016: Investigation: Pre-October 2015 Flint Water, Sourced from Flint River, Might Have Caused Rashes, Other Irritant Conditions
August 22, 2016: HHS awards $2.6 million to DiaSorin Group to develop rapid, high-capacity Zika diagnostic laboratory test
August 20, 2016: HHS activates aid for uninsured Louisiana residents needing medicine
August 16, 2016: Register today! BARDA Industry Day 2016!
August 12, 2016: Determination that a Public Health Emergency Exists in Puerto Rico as a Consequence of the Zika Virus Outbreak
August 12, 2016: HHS declares a public health emergency in Puerto Rico in response to Zika outbreak
August 9, 2016: HHS awards $4.1 million to Hologic, Inc. to develop better Zika blood screening test
August 1, 2016: Single-dose anthrax vaccine enters clinical trial with HHS support
August 1, 2016: HHS awards $5.1 million to InBios to advance Zika diagnostic
July 28, 2016: HHS forges unprecedented partnership to combat antimicrobial resistance
July 25, 2016: HHS issues funding opportunities for Information Sharing and Analysis Organization for health and public health sector
June 27, 2016: HHS calls on center for innovation to accelerate Zika vaccine development
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