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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Apply Today! Become a Member of the NACCD

Help Shape the Way Our Nation to Meets the Unique Disaster Health Needs of Children

Doctor treating pediatric emergency room patient

Preparing to meet the unique needs of children in disasters is a daunting task. To support that effort, the HHS Secretary is bringing together the best minds to better prepare for and meet the unique needs of children in disasters. The NACCD provides advice and consultation to the Secretary of HHS to improve HHS policies, strategies, and programs that enhance the wellbeing of children, including through the support of their families and caregivers.

Members of the NACCD will develop recommendations on topics such as:

  • Partnering to enhance the way we plan for the disaster health needs of children and their families
  • Enhancing the way HHS works to meet the needs of children and families during public health response and recovery operations
  • Making recommendations to ensure contents of the Strategic National Stockpile take into account the special needs of children
  • Making recommendations regarding curriculum development for public health and medical response training for medical management of pediatric patients
  • Evaluating and providing inputs with respect to the medical, mental and behavioral, and public health needs of children during and after disasters and emergencies

To learn more about the Committee’s duties and responsibilities, see the NACCD Charter.

Part 1: Eligibility and Areas of Expertise

HHS is looking for thirteen new committee members with the expertise needed to provide diverse perspectives on issues critical to biodefense. Applicants must have one or more of the following qualifications:

  • General expertise in pediatric medical disaster planning, preparedness, response, or recovery;
  • Representative from State, local, Tribal, or territorial agencies (current full-time employee) with expertise in pediatric disaster planning, preparedness, response, or recovery;
  • Healthcare professional, including pediatric emergency medicine; pediatric trauma, critical care, or surgery; the treatment of pediatric patients affected by chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear agents, including emerging infectious diseases; pediatric mental or behavioral health related to children affected by a public health emergency; or pediatric primary care;
  • Representative of a children’s hospital;
  • Expertise in schools or child care settings;
  • Expertise in children and youth with special health care needs; and/or
  • Expertise in the needs of parents or family caregivers, including the parents or caregivers of children with disabilities.

Term and Commitments

The standard term for a voting member of the NACCD is 3 years; however, the Secretary may adjust the terms of appointees who are initially appointed after the date of enactment of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act (June 24, 2019) in order to provide for a staggered term of appointment for all members. A voting member may serve not more than 3 terms on the NACCD, and not more than two of such terms may be served consecutively.

Voting members shall not be full-time or permanent part-time federal employees (at the time of their application nor at any time during their tenure) but shall be appointed by the Secretary as Special Government Employees (5 U.S.C. § 3109). A member may serve after the expiration of his/her term until a successor has been appointed.

Prior to final selection and appointment by the Secretary of HHS, applicants to the NACCD will be required to satisfy a review for potential conflicts of interest as do other Executive Branch employees. Please do not send any sensitive or personal financial information with the Initial Application Package.

Part 2: Prepare Application

Members of the public who wish to serve as Voting Members on the NACCD must provide the following information by email in electronic format:

  1. COVER LETTER of no more than 2 pages in which the applicant includes:
    • Summary of their essential qualifications;
    • The reasons for their interest in serving on the NACCD;
    • Dates of service on any Federal Advisory Committee;
    • Additional special or unique training and experience relevant to the purpose of the NACCD; and
    • If desired, other special experiences or qualifications related to public health, emergency preparedness, biomedical sciences, the wellness of children and their families, or at-risk individuals that might distinguish them from other applicants.

  2. QUALIFICATIONS DATA Please fill out and submit the Qualifications Data for Applicants to the NACCD form and submit it as part of your application package.

  3. CURRICULUM VITAE or résumé, which should be fewer than 10 pages and focus on the unique background, training, and experience that is most relevant to the NACCD. The first page should contain a mailing address in the current U.S. state of residence and appropriate email address(es), but please remove ALL sensitive or detailed personal information from the rest of the CV/résumé, including home addresses, office addresses, email addresses, and names, personal information, and contact information for other individuals.

  4. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION from a current or recent professional acquaintance, which should be no more than a single page.

Part 3: Submit Application

Send the Initial Application Package in electronic format to A single email from each applicant would be preferred, but the letter of recommendation may come directly from the individual who signs the letter. The 30-day application period will begin May 27, 2020 ending June 27, 2020. 

Please name each file attached to the email beginning with LAST NAME_FIRST INITIAL_date_Application Element (such as SMITH_J_20200229_CV.pdf or SMITH_J_20200229_data).

To view these instructions as a PDF, download Instructions for Applicants and Qualifications Data.

  • This page last reviewed: May 14, 2020