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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Allen Tennenberg

National Preparedness and Response Science Board Member

Alan is the Chief Medical Officer, Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson.
He is trained as an infectious diseases physician, Alan brings over 25 years
of experience  in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical medicine, public health,
and academia to the position of Chief Medical Officer, Global Public Health at Johnson & Johnson. In this role he is responsible for building strategic
relationships with key stakeholders and partners in government, academia,
multi-lateral institutions, and non-governmental organizations around the world.
He is a leading figure in facilitating private sector engagement to advance the Global Health Security Agenda, and is founder and co-chair of the Private Sector Round Table (PSRT), a coalition of companies dedicated to bringing private
sector capabilities to the GHSA.
Photograph of Allen Tennenberg

National Biodefense Science Board

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