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EMS Infectious Disease Playbook

What is it?

The ASPR TRACIE EMS Infectious Disease Playbook is a one-stop information source to guide the transport of patients known or suspected of having an infectious disease. Organized by type of precaution, the Playbook lists example diseases; the goal of precautions; dispatch actions; considerations for arriving EMS, patient care, and transport; type and proper use of PPE; ambulance decontamination instructions; and links to resources for more information. The Playbook also includes general considerations for EMS dispatch and responders as well as special considerations for issues including pediatric patients, aeromedical transport, and occupational health. With interactive features and an easy to use format, users can quickly find the information they seek.

Why is it important?

While a great deal of information is available about the safe transport of infectious patients, it is scattered across numerous sources. Those who need the information most may not know where to find it or how to remain updated as information changes. The Playbook fills this gap by compiling need-to-know information in an easy to use format. Links to source documents are provided throughout the Playbook for users seeking more detailed information. The content of the Playbook helps the EMS community assess the potential risks associated with caring for an infectious patient and take steps to increase their personal safety.

Who is the audience?

The EMS Infectious Disease Playbook is intended for the entire EMS community. It contains information tailored to emergency medical dispatchers and both ambulance and first responders. The Playbook also benefits EMS partners seeking a greater understanding of how their roles intersect with those of the EMS community.

How should it be used?

EMS directors and other authorities can review the Playbook to identify practices worthy of inclusion in agency standard operating procedures. Dispatchers and responders can refer to it for the latest information and links to detailed guidance. Planners can use the Playbook to assess whether personnel have the correct equipment, training, and knowledge to accomplish their jobs safely.

When will it be available?

The EMS Infectious Disease Playbook will be available at in June 2017.

  • This page last reviewed: May 22, 2017