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Protecting the Health of Your Friends and Family

Want to help improve community health resilience? Here are some ways to get started!

When a disaster strikes, it could threaten health – for you, your friends, your family or even your community.  But by preparing before a disaster strikes, you can help keep people safe and healthy. 

There are a lot of different things that young people can do to help keep themselves the people around them healthy during disasters and emergencies.   You can make an emergency kit and plan for the disasters that are most likely to strike in your area.  Or you could make time to get to know your neighbors and the people in your community.  We know that communities that are healthy and connected every day are much more likely to come together, stay healthy, and bounce back after a disaster.

Ready to get started making your community healthier and more resilient?  Check out the resources below for ideas!

Activity GuideBrochureInfographicActivity Sheet

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  • This page last reviewed: January 12, 2018