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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)

As the only source of federal funding that supports regional health care system preparedness, HPP promotes a sustained national focus to improve patient outcomes, minimize the need for supplemental state and federal resources during emergencies, and enable rapid recovery. Learn More >>

Nurses viewing webinar
National Webinars and Events
HPP promotes an ongoing dialogue on topics related to capabilities and preparedness activities for hospitals and healthcare coalitions.  During these events, you can learn about real-world examples and lessons learned from experts in the field.  Learn More >>
HPP-sponsored training in Colorado Funding and Grant Opportunities
HHS is dedicated to improving preparedness and health outcomes throughout the United States and its territories.  HPP grants promote health care and public health systems that are prepared to respond successfully to emergency and recover quickly from all hazards.  Learn More >>
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Guidance, Research and Reports
HPP issues guidance, research and reports to help hospitals and healthcare coalitions meet their preparedness goals, respond to specific threats, leverage lessons learned, and expand their capabilities. These resources can help and healthcare coalitions improve their overall level of preparedness. Learn More >>

Emergency at a hospital Hospital Surge Evaluation Tool
The Hospital Surge Evaluation Tool is a user-friendly peer assessment tool that was designed to identify gaps in a hospital’s preparedness and help assess its ability to respond to a mass casualty event.  The tool takes the form of an essentially no-notice drill, and incorporates the real-life considerations of healthcare delivery in acute care settings.  Learn More >>
Coalition of medical providers meeting Health Care Coalition Surge Test
The Health Care Coalition (HCC) Surge Test is designed to help health care coalitions identify gaps in their surge planning through a no- or low-notice drill. The test evaluates a coalition’s ability to work in a coordinated way to find appropriate destinations for patients using a simulated evacuation of up to three patient care facilities.   Learn More >>
Ambulance deployment during Hurricane Sandy HPP in Action:  Stories from the Field
HPP plays a vital role in providing the funding that hospitals and healthcare coalitions need to prepare themselves to respond in emergencies.  Learn how hospital preparedness funding has translated to better health outcomes for people across the country in a wide variety of disasters.  Learn More >>
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Contact Us
The Hospital Preparedness Program is excited to engage in a dialogue with our partners.  If you have questions or comments about the program or any of our events, guidance or reports, please contact us via e-mail at

  • This page last reviewed: March 04, 2019