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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HPP Fact Sheets and Awardee Information

HPP has a suite of educational communications resources to equip stakeholders with the information they need to communicate the Hospital Preparedness Program’s (HPP) mission and value to appropriate audiences. Stakeholders can use these products to understand the program and educate others about its impact and efforts to build a more prepared health care and emergency response system.

Outreach Materials and Resources

  • HPP Overview Fact Sheet: This fact sheet provides an overview of the program, highlighting key takeaways around the program’s evolution, impactful data points, and a description of HCCs.

  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 HPP Awardee Highlights​: Each of HPP’s 62 awardees has a tailored handout that highlights trends in HPP funding, spotlights on response, FY 2018 priorities, and core member participation rates. Paired with the HPP Overview Fact Sheet, these awardee handouts provide key takeaways about HPP-funded activities and impact at the awardee level that can be shared with stakeholders with an interest in state-specific information.

  • Core Member Spotlights​: Hospitals, emergency management organizations, and emergency medical services are core members of health care coalitions (HCCs). Find out about participation rates and benefits of participation in these core member spotlights.

  • Stories from the Field: Stories from the F​ield demonstrate HPP’s impact by highlighting achievements in health care readiness and describing real-life examples of preparedness and response.

HPP-Related Programs and Priorities

  • Regional Disaster Health Response System (RDHRS): ASPR is developing a RDHRS to expand access to specialty care expertise and increase medical surge capacity by improving collaboration among local health care coalitions (HCC), trauma centers, public and private health care facilities, and emergency medical services. This tiered, regional system will build upon HPP’s HCC structure.

  • Pilot Projects to Demonstrate a Better Approach to Disaster Medical Care: ASPR has awarded two $3 million grants through HPP to demonstrate how a new Regional Disaster Health Response System could meet these needs, including trauma, burn, or other specialty care during a national emergency and save more lives.

Stay Connected

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  • This page last reviewed: October 25, 2018