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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Rhode Island Flooding: March 2010

Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)

Storms that cause flooding   In March of 2010, Rhode Island experienced record-breaking floods with rivers cresting to all-time levels, breeching dams and flooding the roads and buildings. Parts of the state’s main interstate corridor were underwater and shut down.  Thousands of homes were deemed uninhabitable and businesses suffered from structural damage to buildings. All five counties in Rhode Island were declared federal disaster areas.
Amid the devastation, state health officials and emergency managers stayed in continual contact with hospitals. To be ready for just such an event, the Rhode Island Department of Health had collaborated with the Rhode Island Hospital Association and the statewide Hospital Preparedness Planning Committee to integrate preparedness planning and response initiatives. As a result of this coordination, the state used Hospital Preparedness Program funds to purchase interoperation communication equipment – and that equipment proved critical in managing the health impacts of the 2010 floods.

  • This page last reviewed: November 20, 2013