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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Hurricane Sandy in New York: October – November 2012


Hospital Preparedness Program

On October 29, 2012, the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy struck New York City.  The affects of the storm touched most of the city’s residents, as tunnels and streets flooded; transportation was interrupted; and power was lost in many places throughout the city.  Hurricane Sandy’s impacts were felt throughout the healthcare system as well.  A total of 37 facilities evacuated 6,146 patients. Five hospitals completely evacuated patients – a total of 1,300 people.  Seventeen nursing homes evacuated 2,507 patients and 14 adult care facilities evacuated 1,999 residents. All of these people needed reliable, safe medical care. 
Before the storm was even predicted, the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) was working with its partners throughout New York to help mitigate the effects of the all kinds of disasters, including hurricanes.  Because of the funding and guidance that it received from HPP,   New York’s healthcare system was able care for patients more safely and effectively before, during and after the storm.


Medical professionals working on planning documents

Preparing for the Storm
HPP has been helping New York plan for many types of disasters for many years.  New York health officials have worked with HPP to purchase equipment; complete capacity assessments; plan for vulnerable populations; and undertake other preparedness activities.    Learn More >>

EMTs with patient in ambulance.

Hurricane Sandy Response:  Putting Plans into Action
The plans, programs and equipment that HPP worked with New York health officials to put in place as part of New York's overall public health and medical preparedness activities were a vital part of the response to Hurricane Sandy.      Learn More >>

Hospital beds Supporting a Strong Recovery
HPP understands that a robust recovery from Hurricane Sandy requires strong partnerships and support. That's why HPP is supporting healthcare coalition building; improving healthcare provider education; and undertaking other activities aimed at improving health resilience.     Learn More >>

  • This page last reviewed: November 20, 2013