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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Information Flow through the United States IHR Focal Point

Picture depicting information flow through the United States IHR National Focal Point. Generally this portrays how information sharing occurs between U.S. government stakeholders and U.S. States, and International stakeholders and partner, like other NFPs and WHO. It also shows how U.S. government technical agencies and relevant states are part of event assessments. and finally, how notification are disseminated to domestic and international partners.

The National Focal Point is in the center of the diagram. 

On the left of the diagram, a two-sided arrow labeled "information sharing" goes between the National focal point and the US government and international partners.  The U.S. government is connected to U.S. States' Surveillance and U.S. Global Surveillance.  The International Stakeholders are connected to the other NFPs and partners and to WHO HQ and regional offices. 

To the right of the National Focal point is a one sided arrow labeled Notifications going from the National focal point to WHO HQ and Regional Offices, other NFPs and partners, U.S. Government, and U.S. States.

Underneath the National Focal point is a two sided arrow pointing to Interagency Event Assessments.  Below this label is a bracket which contains the following items:  Food Safety, HHS, USDA; Public Health HHS; U.S. States; Agriculture USDA; Security DHS, DOJ; Environment EPA, DOI; Foreign Affairs DOS; Commerce DOC; Transportation DOT; Defense DOD; Energy DOE, NRC.

  • This page last reviewed: February 15, 2017