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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Division of International Health Security

With increased movement of populations across borders and ever-expanding trade between countries, diseases once confined to a region now can rapidly spread across borders causing health, social, and economic disruption world-wide. Consequently, the health security of each nation is dependent on that of other members of the international community. 

The Division of International Health Security (DIHS) engages with international partners to create an all-hazards approach to improve our collective capabilities to deal with public health emergencies including those that arise from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases, and natural disasters. Accordingly, DIHS leads international programs, initiatives and policies to strengthen domestic and international public health and medical emergency preparedness and response. Learn More >>

Pictures of leaders from the Global Health Security Initiative International Partnerships Branch
The International Partnerships Branch promotes and engages in strategic bilateral and multilateral collaborations with and among international partners to advance public health emergency preparedness and response.   Learn More >>
Photo courtesy of GHSI. International Assistance and Response Policy Branch
The International Assistance and Response Policy Branch develops international assistance and response policy and support coordination and implementation of those policies during international responses to public health emergencies.  Learn More >>

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