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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

BARDA Broad Agency Announcement

BARDA is soliciting proposals for the advanced research and development of medical countermeasures under the BARDA Broad Agency Announcement (BAA-18-100-SOL-00003). 

Proposals submitted under this BAA must focus on research and development activities that relate to specific areas of interest, consisting of medical countermeasures for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats; pandemic influenza; and emerging infectious diseases. The BARDA BAA does not support the acquisition of products or the construction of facilities. BARDA anticipates that the research and development activities supported under the BAA will serve to advance candidate medical countermeasures toward licensure or approval by the FDA.

Submission in response to the BAA occurs in two stages. Stage 1 requires submitting a Quad Chart and White Paper; Stage 2 requires submitting a Full Proposal. Before you submit a White Paper or Full Proposal to the BAA, BARDA strongly recommends that you request a TechWatch meeting to discuss your ideas.

BARDA reserves the right to select for award and fund all, some, or none of the proposals in response to this announcement. All proposals will be treated as sensitive competitive information. The contents will be disclosed exclusively for the purpose of evaluation. BARDA also reserves the right to award the instrument best suited to the nature of the research proposed and may award any appropriate contract type under the Federal Acquisition Regulation or Other Transactions Authority (OTA) agreement. The government may also elect to make awards in the form of grants and cooperative agreements.

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  • This page last reviewed: March 10, 2020