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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The Hiring Process

If you want to work for ASPR, USAJOBS is the place to go to learn about job opportunities! The website has many user friendly components that can be used to help you get on your way to being a Federal employee. Let get started!

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Selection and Tentative Job

Step 1: Create an account and build your resume

To apply for HHS/ASPR job vacancies you will need a USAJOBS account. Create your account, complete your profile, and build your resume. You can create and store up to five resumes in USAJOBS. To apply for ASPR vacancies, you will need to apply with a resume built using the USAJOBS Resume Builder. To learn more, check out the frequently asked questions about USAJOBS.

Step 2: Search for ASPR job opportunities

You can search for HHS/ASPR job opportunities by using the USAJOBS search features available. After you have searched for, and found, a HHS/ASPR job opportunity you are interested in, please read the vacancy announcement carefully. Take time to review your resume to make sure you meet the eligibility and qualifications required for the position. Be sure to review the major duties of the position and ensure that your resume describes your experience, accomplishments, education, training, and community or outside professional activities that are applicable to the position. Provide specific and detailed information including the start and end dates for each job you have held. If you meet the eligibility requirements for the position, select the “Apply Online” button and follow the online instructions.

If you have recently applied to an ASPR job posting, be sure to sign up for application status notifications. You will receive an email notification when the status of your application changes.

Step 3: Application Review

The agency will start reviewing the application usually a few weeks after the vacancy closes on USAJOBS. You can always check the status of your application in your USAJOBS profile.  A hiring official from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will review your application to make sure you’re eligible. 

The HHS hiring official may update your application status to Reviewed. After the HHS hiring official reviews all applications, they will send the highest qualified applicants to the hiring official on a list called a certificates—these applicants will see a Referred status in their application status.

All other applicants (not being considered) will see a Not Referred status.

At any time after applying for a job, the candidate can reach out to the Human Resource Specialist listed on the application for additional information or to ask questions. 

Step 4: Interview

The HHS hiring official will review this certificate and can either select a candidate directly or contact the applicants directly to schedule interviews.

Step 5. Selection and Tentative Job Offer

After ASPR staff completes all of the interviews, they will select a candidate and contact him or her to start the job offer process.

If your application was not selected, the HHS hiring official will update your application status to Not Selected.  If you are not selected for this position, your application package may be shared with other hiring officials within HHS that are in the process of hiring candidates with similar qualifications.

If your application was selected, the HHS hiring official will extend a tentative job offer. Once this offer is accepted the agency will start the background security investigation.

Step 6: Final Job Offer

The job offer is final when the agency successfully completes the background investigation and any additional security checks. The HHS hiring official will contact the candidate(s) directly to set up a start date.

You are now on your way to working with HHS/ASPR.

  • This page last reviewed: January 19, 2021