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BARDA New Releases

March 29, 2018: FDA approves Leukine for Acute Radiation Syndrome
October 6, 2017: HHS pursues therapeutic for radiation injury affecting blood platelets
October 6, 2017: HHS sponsors development of drug to treat infections from biowarfare agents, antibiotic-resistant bacteria
October 3, 2017: HHS sponsors development of two tests for radiation exposure
October 3, 2017: HHS, Regeneron partner on portfolio of treatments for pandemic influenza, emerging infectious diseases
October 2, 2017: HHS pursues reusable respirator to better protect medical providers during pandemics
September 29, 2017: HHS accelerates development of first Ebola vaccines and drugs
September 28, 2017: HHS boosts biodefense preparedness with smallpox vaccine for special populations
September 27, 2017: HHS leverages potential respiratory drug as chemical weapon antidote
September 26, 2017: HHS advances point-of-care diagnostic test for anthrax
September 18, 2017: HHS partners to develop first intranasal treatment for cyanide poisoning
September 15, 2017: HHS, Janssen Research & Development join forces on innovative influenza products
September 11, 2017: HHS spurs new antibiotic development for biodefense and common infections
August 30, 2017: BARDA adds new antibiotic to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections in order to protect the American public
August 29, 2017: FDA approves new antibacterial drug
July 25, 2017: CARB-X Announces Funding for Global Scientists Racing to Discover New Antibiotics to Treat Superbugs
April 12, 2017: HHS sponsors new Zika diagnostic test, boosting national testing capacity
March 30, 2017: CARB-X injects up to $48 million to accelerate first Powered by CARB-X portfolio of drug discovery and development projects to tackle antibiotic resistance
March 27, 2017: Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostic Challenge selects 10 semifinalists in first phase of competition
November 11, 2016: Assistant Secretary Nicole Lurie announces new BARDA Director
October 6, 2016: HHS enhances nation’s health preparedness for radiological threats
October 5, 2016: HHS pursues tests for radiation absorbed in nuclear emergency
October 4, 2016: HHS sponsors commercial manufacturing tests for Ebola vaccine
September 30, 2016: HHS supports next-generation anthrax vaccine into advanced development
September 30, 2016: HHS sponsors next-generation genetic sequencing platform
September 29, 2016: For bioterrorism, HHS sponsors inhaled chlorine antidote
September 26, 2016: BARDA awards funding to speed development of Zika vaccine
September 21, 2016: HHS forges strategic partnerships with two global companies to develop new antibiotics
September 8, 2016: Federal prize competition seeks innovative ideas to combat antimicrobial resistance
September 8, 2016: HHS awards $350,000 to American Academy of Pediatrics to help children affected by the Zika Virus
September 7, 2016: HHS accelerates development of mRNA-based Zika vaccine
September 1, 2016: HHS awards $ 19.8 million to Japanese company to accelerate development of a Zika vaccine
August 25, 2016: HHS funds development of Zika diagnostic test for use in doctors’ offices
August 22, 2016: HHS awards $2.6 million to DiaSorin Group to develop rapid, high-capacity Zika diagnostic laboratory test
August 16, 2016: Register today! BARDA Industry Day 2016!
August 9, 2016: HHS awards $4.1 million to Hologic, Inc. to develop better Zika blood screening test
August 1, 2016: Single-dose anthrax vaccine enters clinical trial with HHS support
August 1, 2016: HHS awards $5.1 million to InBios to advance Zika diagnostic
July 28, 2016: HHS forges unprecedented partnership to combat antimicrobial resistance
June 27, 2016: HHS calls on center for innovation to accelerate Zika vaccine development
June 24, 2016: HHS moves to boost Zika vaccine capacity in Brazil
June 20, 2016: HHS advances pathogen reduction technologies for blood products
May 10, 2016: HHS pursues development of single dose nasal spray anthrax vaccine
May 9, 2016: HHS sponsors point-of-care anthrax diagnostic test
April 27, 2016: HHS helping lift key hurdle in the efforts to develop better Zika diagnostics
April 20, 2016: HHS sponsors new broad spectrum antibiotic development
December 10, 2015: HHS funds development of high-speed manufacturing for N95 respirators
November 12, 2015: HHS to procure two inhalational anthrax treatments for national supply
October 1, 2015: BARDA sponsors development of new skin substitute to treat large burns
October 1, 2015: BARDA sponsors development of new skin substitute to treat large burns
September 30, 2015: HHS enhances preparedness with new products to treat severe burns
September 30, 2015: HHS sponsors innovative approaches to improve influenza vaccines
September 30, 2015: HHS sponsors innovative approaches to improve influenza vaccines
September 30, 2015: HHS enhances preparedness with new products to treat severe burns
HHS pursues fast, easy test for anthrax and multi-drug resistant anthrax infections
September 29, 2015: HHS advances development of novel drug to treat influenza
September 28, 2015: HHS sponsors development of drug for hospitalized influenza patients
HHS pursues development of panels of blood-based biomarkers for several biothreat pathogens
September 23, 2015: HHS explores new disaster use of approved ‘clot busting’ drug
Mass decontamination research provides new scientific evidence for responders, hospitals to decontaminate chemical terrorism, accident survivors
September 21, 2015: HHS advances development of new monoclonal antibody drug for Ebola
September 16, 2015: HHS enters into strategic alliance to accelerate new antibiotic development
September 14, 2015: Experimental Ebola vaccine regimen takes new steps under HHS program
August 17, 2015: Development of new anthrax vaccine underway with HHS support
July 20, 2015: HHS partnership advances experimental Ebola drug
June 12, 2015: HHS pursues fast, easy test to detect Ebola virus infections
June 12, 2015: HHS pursues fast, easy test to detect Ebola virus infections
March 31, 2015: HHS contracts to develop new Ebola drug
March 23, 2015: HHS seeks to develop improved anthrax vaccine
December 23, 2014 : HHS supports efforts to speed Ebola vaccine delivery
October 16, 2014: HHS advances development of Ebola vaccine
October 1, 2014: HHS pursues detection tests for influenza
September 29, 2014: HHS funds drug to treat severe infections and prevent cytokine storm
New device could reduce time needed to test for bacteria, such as anthrax
December 23, 2014: HHS supports efforts to speed Ebola vaccine delivery
September 17, 2014: HHS spurs innovation to develop next-generation portable ventilator
September 2, 2014: HHS contracts with Mapp Biopharmaceutical to develop Ebola drug
March 11, 2014: HHS establishes new network to perform clinical studies
February 5, 2014: HHS funds drug for bioterrorism, antimicrobial-resistant infections
November 22, 2013: FDA approval of avian flu vaccine moves preparedness forward
October 23, 2013: HHS boosts global ability to respond to pandemics
October 21, 2013: HHS fosters development of new blood test for anthrax
BARDA boosts global ability to respond to pandemics
September 26, 2013: HHS boosts stockpile of products to treat acute radiation syndrome
September 25, 2013: HHS boosts national capacity to produce pandemic flu vaccine
September 25, 2013: HHS pursues nerve agent anti-seizure drug for children and adults
New blood test would provide fast results for medical care after anthrax attack
BARDA funds development of device to aid burn patients in disasters
September 19, 2013: HHS replenishes nation’s supply of anthrax antitoxin
HHS explores new emergency response use for approved steroid
BARDA funds study of therapy for thermal burns
BARDA evaluates burn dressing for radiation, sulfur mustard burns
August 23, 2013: BARDA Contract Supports Evaluation of Therapy for Severe Thermal Burns
BARDA Supports Proof-Of-Concept Studies for Small Molecule Development
July 31, 2013: BARDA Solicits Research Efforts for Innovative Technologies to Improve Public Health Emergency Preparedness
BARDA contract supports the development of a more effective skin graft to help burn patients after a rad/nuke event
BARDA supports new broad-spectrum antibiotic against glanders, melioidosis
June 25, 2013: BARDA Supports New Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic
BARDA supports new broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat anthrax, tulermia
May 24, 2013: HHS funds drug development for bioterror infections, pneumonia
HHS forms strategic alliance to develop new antibiotics
HHS awards contract to create test to identify resistant influenza viruses
April 3, 2013: HHS awards contract to create test to identify resistant influenza viruses
January 18, 2013: Statement from Assistant Secretary Nicole Lurie on FDA approval of new influenza vaccine manufactured with novel technology
December 14, 2012: Assistant Secretary Nicole Lurie statement on FDA approval of first anthrax antitoxin developed under Project Bioshield
BARDA, Johns Hopkins Partner to Explore Impact of Rapid, Near-Patient Flu Tests
November 20, 2012: Statement by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Approval of Cell-Based Flu Vaccine
June 7, 2012: HHS support results in international influenza vaccine milestone
May 9, 2012: Clinical trial of HHS-supported flu vaccine begins in Vietnam
HHS aids development of next generation broad spectrum antibiotic
December 12, 2011: First U.S. cell-based flu vaccine plant set for dedication
October 4, 2011: BARDA unveils path forward in the BARDA Strategic Plan 2011-2016
BARDA funds development of oral drug to treat internal contamination from radioactive elements
September 29, 2011: BARDA Supports Development of Oral Radiation Drug
Contract awarded to develop drug to protect against radiation-induced gastrointestinal injury
September 28, 2011: BARDA Funds Development of Five Drugs to Protect against Radiation
Licensed anthrax vaccine undergoes temperature studies
BARDA funds advanced development of drug to treat bone marrow injury associated with acute radiation syndrome
Novel Anthrax Vaccine Being Developed with BARDA Support
September 15, 2011: Novel Anthrax Vaccine and Antitoxin Being Developed with Federal Support
BARDA partners with GlaxoSmithKline to develop new class of antibiotic against bioterrorism threats and Gram-negative infections
September 6, 2011: BARDA Partners to Develop New Class of Antibiotic
Anti-inflammatory drug studied for use 24 hours or longer after exposure to radiation
BARDA supports development of antitoxin administered as a traditional shot
BARDA funds development of drugs to treat injuries from chemical bioterrorism
August 30, 2011: BARDA Supports Development of Drugs to Treat Chemical Injury - Contracts fund the development of drugs to treat injuries from chemical bioterrorism
August 1, 2011: BARDA supports development of new drugs to treat radiation injury
July 25, 2011: 2010 Project BioShield Annual Report to Congress
June 1, 2011: BARDA Funds Development of Drug to Prevent Radiation Lung Injury
May 13, 2011: BARDA Supports First Project BioShield Contract for Smallpox Drug
March 31, 2011: BARDA Funds Advanced Development of New Influenza Antiviral
March 9, 2011: BARDA Awards Contract to Develop Prussian Blue for Pediatric Use
February 28, 2011: HHS Awards Contracts to Develop New Flu Vaccine Technology
February 16, 2011: BARDA Supports Next Steps for a New Antiviral Drug for Smallpox
February 15, 2011: BARDA Supports Development of Drugs to Protect Against Radiation
January 31, 2011: ASPR Releases the Project BioShield Annual Report to Congress
January 10, 2011: HHS Presents the 5th Annual HHS PHEMCE Stakeholders Workshop and BARDA Industry Day
October 8, 2010: BARDA Funds Year-Round Egg Supply for Pandemic Flu Vaccine
September 30, 2010: BARDA Grants Help Build Global Flu Vaccine Manufacturing Capacity
September 29, 2010: BARDA Funds Development of Next-Generation Portable Ventilators
September 21, 2010: BARDA Funds Medical Countermeasure Innovation
September 17, 2010: BARDA Awards $51 Million Contract for Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine
September 1, 2010: BARDA Funds Development of New Way to Treat Illness from Acute Radiation
August 30, 2010: BARDA Funds Drug Development for Biothreats, Antibiotic Resistance
August 11, 2010: BARDA issues Single Source Cooperative Agreement Award for the World Health Organization (WHO) to Continue Development of Sustainable Influenza Vaccine Production Capacity in Under-Resourced Nations
July 30, 2010: BARDA Awards Four Contracts for Innovative Platform Technologies Applied to Medical Countermeasure Development
July 14, 2010: First Smallpox Vaccine for Special Populations Delivered Under Project BioShield
July 13, 2010: ASPR Awards $54 Million to Support Making Anthrax Vaccine in U.S.

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