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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Pathways Program

Under President Obama’s leadership, the Federal Government has taken steps to help students and recent graduates join the Federal service. Since the new Pathways Program was established in 2012,  all new federal opportunities will appear on USAJOBS as agencies post them. We encourage you to visit this site periodically or set up a saved search at.


The Pathways Programs offer clear paths to Federal internships for students from high school through post-graduate school; career opportunities for recent graduates; and meaningful training and career development opportunities for individuals who are at the beginning of their federal service.

The Pathways Programs at HHS include the following three programs:  the Internship Program, the Recent Graduate Program, and the Presidential Management Fellow Program.

Internship Program

The Internship Program is designed to provide students currently enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions, from high school to graduate level, with opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school and while getting paid for the work performed. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for conversion to a permanent job in the civil service.

Recent Graduate Program

The Recent Graduates Program affords developmental experiences in the Federal Government intended to promote possible careers in civil service to individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs. To be eligible, applicants must apply within two years of degree or certificate completion (except for veterans precluded from doing so due to their military service obligation, who will have up to six years after degree completion to apply). Successful applicants are placed in a dynamic, developmental program with the potential to lead to a civil service career in the Federal Government. The program typically lasts for 1 year.  

Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF)

The Presidential Management Fellows Program is a flagship leadership development program at the entry level for advanced degree candidates. It was created more than three decades ago by Executive Order. The Program attracts and selects the best candidates possible, but is really designed with a more narrow focus- developing a cadre of potential government leaders. It provides some sustenance during the first years of employment and encourages development of leadership capabilities. The PMF Program inculcates a lasting bond as well as a spirit of public service, ultimately encouraging and leading to a career in the government.

To apply for ASPR’s Pathway opportunities, please monitor

  • This page last reviewed: October 05, 2018