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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About ASPR Fusion

When a public health emergency strikes, there can be a flood of data and reports. The challenge to responders and decision-makers, is to quickly identify the most relevant information needed to enhance situational awareness. In an emergency, when every second matters, it is critical to accurately detect correlations and trends observed in seemingly unrelated data streams.

ASPR’s Fusion effectively and efficiently utilizes multiple internal and external data sources to conduct analysis for situational awareness, provide rapid decision support and remain on the forefront of indicators and warnings of public health emergencies. Fusion’s work provides decision-makers with the information necessary to be better prepared for public health emergencies; leading to better rapid response, and ultimately saving lives. This is made possible through a number of specialized tools as well as internal and external partnerships such as the one between Fusion and the HHS Secretary’s Operations Center. The two work together to provide in-depth analysis of various incoming information streams, as well as to identify potential indicators of emerging public health threats.


Provide outstanding analytical decision support to OEM and ASPR leadership while serving as a model for other federal, state, and local organizations.

What We Do

  • Support the implementation of risk-based, information-driven prevention, response, and consequence management programs
  • Integrate information from many sources that, when combined and analyzed, can result in meaningful and actionable information
  • Research and analyze threat information in order to create and brief scenarios for upcoming events
  • Serve as an analytical support group during preparedness and response operations

  • This page last reviewed: February 02, 2016