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Ventec Life Systems – VOCSN High Flow Nasal Cannula Resources

SNS-Held Ventilator Resources

Compatible with the VOSCN V+ Pro Ventilator

The VOCSN High Flow therapy delivers a continuous, set flow of gas (usually air and oxygen from a high-pressure source) to the patient through a large bore nasal cannula or other interface. It is designed for spontaneously breathing patients and is not intended for life support. The flow rate can be set anywhere from 15 to 60 L/min for adults, or 4 to 25 L/min for pediatric patients and FiO2 may be set anywhere from 21% to 100%.

​Setup Guide
Product Overview Brochure
Clinical and Technical Manual
Computers and tablets
Clinical and Technical Manual

High-flow Nasal Cannula Overview
​High Flow Nasal Cannula Overview

  • This page last reviewed: January 15, 2021