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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

SNS-held Ventilator Maintenance

The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) holds an inventory of ventilators that can be deployed during a public health emergency if public health and healthcare facilities need supplemental ventilators to care for patients. These stockpiled devices for lifesaving care can be used as a short-term, stop-gap buffer when the immediate supply is not adequate.

The SNS is committed to the proper maintenance of its ventilators to ensure the devices are ready to deploy when needed. These devices are critical to the nation’s overall preparedness for responding to health threats like COVID-19.

All ventilators deployed from the SNS to date were delivered to the states in operating condition and have been maintained based on the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications outlined in the service manual.

Some jurisdictions may have experienced challenges with external battery packs. They were provided with additional technical assistance from the SNS on how to charge the batteries and the manufacturer’s recommendation to use AC power as the primary power source for these devices.

Some jurisdictions have reported ventilators missing hosing to attach to the facility’s oxygen supply. The Zoll (Impact Instrumentation) Uni-Vent 754 model comes kitted with one (1) oxygen hose and one (1) air hose. The Covidien (Puritan Bennett) LP10 and Vyaire (CareFusion) LTV 1200 models do not come kitted with oxygen hoses or air hoses. The separate ventilator re-supply kits do not include additional oxygen or air hoses.

Every ventilator in the SNS is serviced annually by a contracted commercial vendor. This is above and beyond the manufacturer’s two-year service cycle recommendation. Service includes a full functions check, recertification in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer’s service manual, and repairs, if needed.

In March 2020 when the SNS began deploying ventilators in support of the COVID-19 response, there were 16,660 ventilators ready to deploy. All of these ventilators were serviced and operable.

As of April 2, there are additional ventilators in maintenance (not counted in the current deployable quantities). The SNS, with its maintenance vendor, is committed to making all ventilators available for the COVID-19 response by April 30. The vendor will be delivering recertified ventilators weekly until the work is complete.

  • This page last reviewed: February 25, 2021