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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About the Strategic National Stockpile

With approximately 200 federal and contract employees, the Strategic National Stockpile is organized to support any public health threat. Stockpile staff represent a variety of specialties, and all work together to ensure the right resources are ready and can get to the right place at the right time.

Information and Planning Branch

The Information and Planning Branch coordinates preparedness activities for the stockpile and its partners to maintain alternative emergency medical supply chain capabilities. This branch:

  • Designs and delivers training and exercise support for public health and emergency staff and partners
  • Maintains day-to-day situational awareness, ensuring the stockpile is ready to respond
  • Manages the stockpile’s response activities during a public health emergency

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Management and Business Operations Branch

The Management and Business Operations Branch provides operational support. This branch:

  • Manages quality control of the stockpile’s inventory and IT support of inventory management systems
  • Maintains fiduciary responsibilities associated with a budget that often exceeds $500 million
  • Conducts strategic planning, forecasting the five year budget requirements, and management
  • Executes all internal and external communication on behalf of the division
  • Oversees policy, legislation and issues management

Operational Logistics Branch

The Operational Logistics Branch is responsible for the stockpile’s inventory of antibiotics, medical supplies, equipment, antidotes, antitoxins, antivirals, vaccines, and other pharmaceuticals that are strategically located throughout the United States and its territories. This branch:

  • Gets needed medicines and supplies into the stockpile
  • Makes sure the right amounts and types of medicines and supplies are available to respond to an emergency
  • Ensures the stockpile can resupply state and local public health agencies in a catastrophic health event

Science Branch

The Science Branch manages the medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific oversight of stockpile products. This branch:

  • Ensures the scientific review of all medical assets in the stockpile
  • Takes part in the PHEMCE process, which helps plan which resources the stockpile will need to protect the nation’s health
  • Serves as subject matter experts on critical medicines and medical supplies (medical countermeasures) necessary in a public health emergency

Strategic Logistics Branch

The Strategic Logistics staff builds relationships between public health and other federal agencies and private partners. This branch:

  • Coordinates information sharing with states and locals during public health emergencies to determine the most efficient way to approach a response.
  • Works with partners inside and outside of government to support optimal distribution of medical countermeasures during public health emergencies.
  • Serves as a point of contact for federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and commercial partners for stockpile initiatives

Strategic National Stockpile


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  • This page last reviewed: September 01, 2020